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Author Topic: Increase Basic editor buffer size to see more lines after LIST command (Read 2821 times)

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Every time I have a long basic code, and I list out, after much lines the Basic editor buffer overflows, and does not let upwards more than certain lines.
 How can I change the editor buffer size, and what is the default value? What happens after warm-reset?

 As I remember correctly, I have to close the channel first (but which one?), then change the buffer size and reopen again.
 Because of closing the editor buffer, I am not able to do it in the editor, I have to write a program.

Please help!

Offline gflorez

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I think the system variable BUF_EDIT(31) is the memory count. If you ASK 31 A, and then PRINT A, it answers 8.

Channel 0 is the EDITOR: channel(default channel) on Basic.

I have not tried it.

For me it is also annoying to LIST an average program and not be able to edit it complete

Offline dp304

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SET EDITOR BUFFER <buffer size in 256byte pages>
and then

On a 128K setup with BASIC, 126 as buffer size worked for me.
127 caused an *** EXOS error type 9248.
128 seems to mean the same as 0.