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Author Topic: EP Heatsink (Read 2507 times)

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EP Heatsink
« on: 2019.July.03. 16:13:41 »
Hey all,

I have come across a very abused EP64 board in a car boot sale.  Just the board.  It's missing a Z-80 / LM1886 and the 7805 regulators - and the HEATSINK.. damn...

Does anyone have a heatsink for sale that they're not using?

Many thanks,


PS: A case and everything else would be nice if anyone has a spare ;-)

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Re: EP Heatsink
« Reply #1 on: 2019.July.03. 20:33:59 »
It seems an Issue 6. Probably with an updated Nick. They have put a heat-sink over it. A lot of humidity and a date of reparation on the sticker. It will need an internal memory expansion.

You have a socket for the Z80... ready for a turbo hack...

But.... It seems that has been used for parts, probably due to some irreparable failure.
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Re: EP Heatsink
« Reply #2 on: 2019.July.03. 22:05:53 »
I have come across a very abused EP64 board in a car boot sale
It is a EP128! But the 64K expansion removed, and EXOS ROM replaced to 2.0 version.

-see the EXP1/2 connector, it is used, soldered, at U5 pin10 remain of cutted GND wire. These are marks of the 64K panel
-extra GND wire from the ROM chip to the expansion bus, this is manufacturer modification, only at EP128 boards
-AEL board, I only found these in a EP128 machines. I have few with near board serial.