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Author Topic: Box top photo of EP128 wanted (Read 1023 times)

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Box top photo of EP128 wanted
« on: 2016.November.24. 19:28:17 »
I have acquired an EP128 a month ago, it came with somewhat damaged polys and box, but the box doesn't have its top part. My idea was to just buy a piece of cardboard and to glue it there. I also wanted to print the box top and glue that print to cardboard. The problem is that I wasn't able to find good photo of box top. All that I could find was at an angle (that I can correct), but with small resolution and/or light glares. Could someone post me a good photo of box top?

The best I could find is in the attachment. I'm not looking for perfect box top (without scratches), just a good resolution one without glares...