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Author Topic: Enterprise 1571 Colours Demo? (Read 5581 times)

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Enterprise 1571 Colours Demo?
« on: 2019.May.23. 13:42:07 »
I was sitting thinking about the EP today and remember going down to the Private Enterprise Group meet in Finchley (North London) at the end of the eighties..

I met quite a few people there, Tim Box, Neil Blaber and Andy (the guy that did the paint program)

Another guy I met there (can't remember his name now, maybe Peter?) gave me a copy of a program he'd written called the Enterprise 1571 Colour Demo.  It showed a multicolour clifftop (best way I can describe it) with 1571 colours in interlace mode with the word ENTERPRISE across the top of it.  I remember being really impressesd! 

I wondered if anyone here has it/remembers it?

I would love a copy of it again!


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Re: Enterprise 1571 Colours Demo?
« Reply #1 on: 2019.May.23. 13:46:28 »
Unfortunately i did not see this program, but it would be interesting. I hope somebody has it.

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Re: Enterprise 1571 Colours Demo?
« Reply #2 on: 2019.May.23. 13:52:27 »
Wow! It sounds very interesting! But never seen it :-(
I was also thinking about mixing colors with interlace, but never done it :oops:

Anyway, the epimgconv converts images for Iview, looks impressive.
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