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Title: Using Commodore peripherals with Enterprise
Post by: Zozosoft on 2007.April.10. 15:08:12
In 1987 the 'a' Studio released a package called Commodore Multifile Transfer (CBM-MFT):

I think this is one of the mostly unknow Enterprise accessories. Currently I not know anyone who is have the original package.
Now we talked about these things in the Hungarian forum, and now szalai56 uploaded the program, and two hand-draws of the cable. (http://enterpriseforever.com/index.php?action=downloads&d=CBM_MULT)
Now I try to make one cable :-)

Features of the package: can read/write Commodore disks via 1541 drives. And can print to Comodore compatible printer.
The program define the CBM: EXOS device.
For example save to disk:
EXOS commands:
display directory of the disk
read the error channel of the drive
:@ command
send command to the drive, for example format disk:
:@ N:disk,id
Title: Re: Using Commodore peripherals with Enterprise
Post by: Zozosoft on 2007.April.21. 12:25:47
Now working :-)
The pinout of the cable:

CBM 2   GND   EP NET B1 GND      
CBM 3   ATN   EP Printer B7 Data7   
CBM 4   CLK   EP NET A3,A4 Control Bus   
CBM 5   DATA  EP NET B3,B4 Data Bus      
CBM 6   RESET EP Printer A2 Strobe   

The version 2.0 program have a bug:
After the program loaded needed to make warm start for initialising the serial bus.
I hope anyone have the later versions (3.1, 4.1) of this software.