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Author Topic: Interview with Nick Toop (Read 15361 times)

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Re: Interview with Nick Toop
« Reply #15 on: 2020.February.18. 20:19:16 »
Do you mean IstvanV?
Yes, I was thinking of IstvanV :)
 But if this is what we want, then there is a great need for Enterprise programmers here!

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Re: Interview with Nick Toop
« Reply #16 on: 2020.February.19. 00:04:17 »
And one more thing: at early motherboard photos, and in ISSUE 3 machines* you can see Made in Korea chips! In a final machines the chips are Made in Austria!
I think the Enterprise company firstly want to use too cheap Far East factory for the chips. Just after the many failures moved the production to more serious European company (which is will be more expensive).

* These first 100 machines are not a final version, just urgently needed to send something for a developers and to a press, for testing purpose.

Interesting, (and mysterious) what it may have been that we do not have an idea about it until a today's day ISSUE 1 and 2 motherboards.