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Title: Games
Post by: szipucsu on 2008.August.07. 22:48:11
Lately we spoke about Enterprise games a lot. I don't know if any of you is interested in this topic.
To summarize, we spoke about:
- Airwolf: the game crashes when fulfilled the mission (both Enterprise and CPC versions)
- Jack's House of Cards: buggy, impossible to fulfill without some cracking. One of us has fulfilled all the levels but nothing interesting happened.
- Devil's Lair: maybe impossible without an eternal life cheat.
- Wriggler: I began to make a map with screenshots. We also plan to try to follow the other worm (with invulnerability, of course) where it goes but in one screen, under the ground it was impossible. (By the way, the game is a bit buggy.)
- Nyuzga has made trainers of lots of games (Robot Messiah, Lunar Jetman, Wriggler (Spectrum conversion), Dan Dare 3, Draconus)
Title: New Games for the Enterprise
Post by: szipucsu on 2010.July.03. 23:40:03
A number of games have been fixed, coverted again from Spectrum or converted from CPC to have a conversion of a better quality.

Dark Side (CPC)
Castle Master 1-2 (CPC)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (CPC)
Impossible Mission 1 (Spectrum version reconverted, bugs fixed)

Incentive games are especially remarkable: better colours and faster gameplay than Spectrum, CPC or C64 versions!
I might have left some games... Our programmers (e.g. IstvanV) are very hard-working lately.  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:
Title: Re: Games
Post by: John Fante on 2010.July.13. 06:50:47
Great :-) can we download them somewhere?
Title: Re: Games
Post by: Zozosoft on 2010.July.13. 07:06:35
Great :-) can we download them somewhere?
You can found on the ep128.hu (http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Games/Games_09.htm)
Title: Re: Games
Post by: szipucsu on 2010.July.13. 09:59:49
You can found on the ep128.hu (http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Games/Games_09.htm)
It would be useful to collect these new games into a separate folder, too. E.g. Downloads, here in the forum. Because one can forget about some new games, there are such a large number of them.

PS. I have uploaded some new games here (http://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek_downloads/cpc_jatekok_ep_konverzioi_games_converted_from_cpc-t193.0.html). They are now easier to reach.
Title: Bug-fixed Wriggler
Post by: szipucsu on 2011.October.06. 12:48:12
Wriggler has several bugs. Most of them have been now fixed by PGyuri:
- In the "easternmost" part of the underground labyrinth one spider goes out of the game screen, deleting some energy bands and the name
of the object we have. This also caused the memory confused which resulted some walls disappear or appear, blocking our way. This bug has been fixed so the game doesn't crash in DIE screens either.
- After the Skeleton key-screen somewhere a moving pavement moved into the "lifting thingy", deleting its line.
- A stable platform under the ground got into movement so it doesn't inhibit going forward any more.
- When reaching the goal, "Congratulations" text and our place also appear.
- Left and right sound channels were replaced. They are now ok.
- A little aesthetic problem was that a part of the letter E of the text ENERGY sometimes disappeared because of the energy bands.

Zozosoft made a new, EXOS compatible loader that doesn't mess up the system segment on 128k machines. In case of loading error or reset, the program returns to the ENTERPRISE text, except for Enterprise 64 machines, where it happens only after finishing to load because at this moment overwriting of system segment is necessary. It was originally a problem, too, how to load the 48k program while reserving 16k of video memory and the system segment is still needed for loading. The original loader solved this problem in the way that before loading the last 16k part of the program the loading screen was taken away, and loaded to its place.
The new version has been compressed using EPcompress so the compressed PRG file has enough space by the loading screen.
Another tiny bug has been fixed: similarly to other programs, Wriggler uses the replaced status line, so the tape level indicator didn't work. Now it works.

A secret is out: cheat:
TAB+ALT+INS+P jumping forward one room (according to the program's numbering)
TAB+ALT+INS+B jumping back one room (according to the program's numbering)
TAB+ALT+INS+L eternal life

The bug fixed version can be downloaded here. (http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Games/Games_WX_eng.htm)
Title: Wriggler - extended version!
Post by: szipucsu on 2011.October.18. 13:02:37
The Spectrum expert PGyuri was not satisfied with having fixed the bugs of Wriggler. The extented version contains not only bugfixes but also new things:

All the previous bugs are fixed.
Further bugfixes:
- In the main menu a previously unknown text appears.
- After gameplay, the colours are restored in the menu (The EP version of the game changes the palette during gameplay.)
- After starting the game, the startpistol will get to its place.
- The lift left a stripe on the bottom of the screen.
- Proper control of the lift and dissolving ("lifting") falling through the lift.
- Delay of the lifting skulls was handled through false addresses (misdirection) so some of them moved in unexpected time.
- Elimination of some tiny aesthetic bugs (e.g. the spider got its place a bit away)

The new things:
- Race with 4 worms on 128k machines!
- Coordinated worm-movements on 64k and 128k machines.
- Optimized (faster) handling of the objects (that can be picked up).
- A cheat to turn on and off energy diminution. ("magic" key E- see cheats)
- Switching between EP/CPC colours ("magic" key C - see cheats)

TAB-ALT-INS-E - eternal energy (invulnerability)
TAB-ALT-INS-C - switching between EP / CPC colours

TAB+ALT+INS+P jumping forward one room (according to the program's numbering)
TAB+ALT+INS+B jumping back one room (according to the program's numbering)
TAB+ALT+INS+L eternal life

Download here. (http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Games/Games_WX_eng.htm)