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Programming / Re: FILE program
« Last post by gflorez on 2019.February.17. 14:46:49 »
But the retry/abort sequence is also triggered when the disc is incorrect or corrupt.
Programming / FILE program
« Last post by dangerman on 2019.February.17. 12:43:30 »
I really like the FILE program that comes with the SD interface. I wondered if I could request an added feature?

At the moment if you select a drive that doesn't exist (like C:) then you get a Retry/Abort and then the program quits.
I was wondering if it would be possible to just display a blank screen, so that then you could get a chance to select another drive.

Is the source code available for this program? ;-)
Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« Last post by gflorez on 2019.February.17. 09:52:00 »
Thanks to Zozo, having a driver for another massive storage is the easier of all the aspects.
Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« Last post by Z80System on 2019.February.17. 09:25:53 »
The answer is YES :-D

Most probably, the question for this answer was about EXOS and not SymbOS.

Am I correct ?

So yes, the storages can be used by SymbOS,
but maybe the question was about ordinary EXOS/EXDOS usage for loading ordinary (not SymbOS based) stuff (,as well).
Input devices / Re: EnterMice (Joy & PS/2 mouse interface)
« Last post by pear on 2019.February.17. 08:56:59 »
I can confirm. The Genius DX-110 mouse does not work with EnterMice. For now ;)
Sometimes only one button can be read. Nothing more.
I wonder what is the inaccuracy in the protocol used in this mouse.
Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« Last post by gflorez on 2019.February.16. 23:23:09 »
I didn't understand Hans on his list.... he was asking.....

 He proposes us now:

what are your wishes....

No usb hid

No ram

Usb msd?




Or anothee hardware

Lcd big screen or oled



Infra red remote

Sound dsp



He want us to  debate to put or remove devices on the SymbiFace list, you even can propose other or others. The SymbiFace for Enterprise can be even more complete than the CPC version. A new project that will take advantage of his previous work.

SymbiFace for CPC has, for example an USB HID, that means a way to connect a lot of control devices to the computer, including mice, keyboards, joysticks and more. This is more necessary on a CPC, that doesn't have a mouse standard due to the lack of +5v on the joystick ports. Prodatron will give support on SymbOS to HID, but on EXOS we would need a new driver for every demanded device. Do we need HID?

About memory, Hans can add it on all its forms, but, how much?

SE-ONE(MP3) included, of course..... with Radio.... and DSP.

USB MSD(massive storage device), of course...

WIFI... it can be amazing.... or unnecessary?

He also proposes a LCD, OLED or TFT display to see what we have set on the interface.

IR(Infra Red control) . With it we could use the interface as a stand alone Hifi set while we do another different thing on the Enterprise... Interesting, but not my priority.

What are your more craved desires?(reasonable please).

Edit: one option I would add is, at the same time direct connexion and as expansion on a Bus Expander. To do this only is needed +5v generation on the PCB.
Programming / Re: Using SET BIAS
« Last post by Zozosoft on 2019.February.16. 19:19:08 »
Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« Last post by Zozosoft on 2019.February.16. 19:17:30 »
Zozosoft managed to arrange the source files and re-assemble them into a byte-for-byte match to the binary 1.3
Also do it for 1.0/1.1/1.2 and 2.0(/2.1). Then there is what I collected about EXDOS version history:
Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« Last post by BruceTanner on 2019.February.16. 18:48:12 »
Sometimes ... I hate my eyes. I downloaded and read the specification out of curiosity. It was an interesting read. Unfortunately, I found a number of typos, inconsistent memory size annotation and inconsistent indentation and font size of asterisk marked notes. :oops: Have I already said that sometimes I hate my eyes?
Thank you, hopefully the next version will be less painful! :mrgreen:
Programming / Re: EXDOS 3.0
« Last post by BruceTanner on 2019.February.16. 18:46:53 »
Was that how EXOS and IS-BASIC were written as well?
Yes, at the end anyway. They might have started on an Apple II with Z80 card which I also remember using (all these Z80 cards were to run CP/M!)
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