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Author Topic: SUDOKU Solver under IS-DOS (Read 5015 times)

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SUDOKU Solver under IS-DOS
« on: 2023.December.12. 19:56:19 »
I've set out to develop a program to solve Sudokus of any difficulty. I've always liked Sudoku, so I decided to dive into that. I'm going to attach the code packaged in case someone wants to take a look, and also the CP/M 80 executable in case someone wants to try it on another machine without compiling.

Here's the list of files in the package:

- SUDOKU.COM -> Obviously the compiled executable.
- SUDOKU.PAS -> The main source that includes the others.
- UTILS.PAS -> Auxiliary routines used by other program sources.
- CHECK.PAS -> Routines responsible for identifying situations that allow eliminating candidates in unsolved cells.
- REMOVE.PAS -> Routines used to gradually eliminate the number of candidates per unsolved cell.
- BOARD.TXT -> The file from which the program reads the Sudoku to solve. Use 0s for the empty cells to be filled.

I hope you like it for those who are curious. If anyone finds an error or a Sudoku that cannot be solved, I'll be happy to review the code.

I've almost finished the IS-BASIC versiĆ³n but the execution is tremendously slow. The pascal compiled solving takes some minutes, the basic version, more than an hour. Once finished the basic version I'll upload it to the forum.

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