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Author Topic: My Youtube Programming Tutorials (Read 90 times)

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My Youtube Programming Tutorials
« on: 2018.March.04. 09:09:26 »
I thought I'd let everyone know,
I'm doing a series of Z80 Assembly tutorials, and I'm planning to include some Enterprise 128 programming content

I've just uploaded my first Enterprise related video - as one of my patreon backers asked me to cover it.

It's probably beneath the skill level of people on here, but I thought I'd let people know I was trying to do my bit to promote the system!
Please feel free to comment in the Youtube video and fill in the massive gaps in my knowledge - there were quite a few places I would have liked to explain better.

I plan to do more content about programming the EP128 in the future, once I've finished my tutorials of the basic Z80 commands, also for those who don't know, I'm planning to port my ChibiAkumas game to the Enterprise!

Thanks for reading!,
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