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Author Topic: Improving IS-DOS (Read 103070 times)

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Re: Improving IS-DOS
« Reply #15 on: 2021.February.14. 20:08:53 »
There is a bug in the 2021-02-10 version of IS-DOS 1.1-alpha, and register L has the incorrect value for MSX-DOS functions "Block Read" and "Get Time".

I suspect that these functions are not used by any of the applications that people run in IS-DOS, but this will be fixed in the next release of IS-DOS 1.1.-alpha.

Sorry! :oops:

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Re: Improving IS-DOS
« Reply #16 on: 2021.February.16. 18:05:04 »
The things that I miss most in IS-DOS are the 'IF', 'FOR', 'GOTO', etc batch file capabilities, together with the enhanced MS-DOS style of '%' variable expansions.
This would be nice, if these features would be available also in EXOS!

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