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Title: EXOS and IS LISP
Post by: gflorez on 2014.February.03. 19:04:35
Until now I believed that IS Lisp was a slightly older ROM that was not very compatible with EXOS.

The program allows to create and modify system variables and open EXOS channels, but there was no way to leave it nor even change discs. I have reviewed the manual several times and have never found the appropriate command.

But today I pressed F1 and a list of functions has been printed on the screen.

Then I saw a command that was not documented, EXT, and I started testing it....

It results it is the needed command....

Its use is as follows: (EXT "help"), (EXT "a:"), (EXT "dir"), etc.

Or to leave: (EXT "exdos"), (EXT "basic"), etc.


Hasta ahora creia que Lisp era una ROM ligeramente antigua que no era muy compatible con EXOS.

El programa permite modificar variables EXOS y  crear canales, pero no había manera de salir de él  o cambiar de disco. He revisado varias veces el manual y nunca he encontrado el comando apropiado.

Pero hoy he pulsado F1 y una lista de funciones se ha impreso en la pantalla.

Entonces he visto un comando que no estába documentado, EXT, y he empezado a hacer pruebas....

Resulta que es el comando que hacía falta....

Se usa así:  (EXT "help"), (EXT "a:"), (EXT "dir"), etc.

O para salir: (EXT "exdos"), (EXT "basic"), etc

Title: Re: EXOS and IS LISP
Post by: gflorez on 2014.April.12. 10:53:46
Edit: It was only undocumented for me......translating the Hungarian Hisoft Pascal guide, curiously the Lisp command jumped to my eyes at the very first page......

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