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Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.15. 21:08:39 »
@Gflorez could you please create a new wav by this version when you have time?

I checked max 22KHz samples can be played back with the Editor/Player, i plan to convert the samples to 16KHz.

BASIC / Re: Dot Collector - Turbo Edition 5
« on: 2022.March.15. 20:50:31 »
Ha szeretnétek azt használni, amit csináltam, odaadom, a legegyszerűbb az lenne, ha van 10 átdefiniálható karakter még, ha nem, akkor grafikus lapra kéne kirajzolni az adatok alapján:

Ezek az értékek, egy sorban a 10 karakter azonos sorának értékei vannak.

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.15. 20:25:59 »
But how can you edit without playing the phrases on a real Speakeasy? (Curiosity) I was not able to hear anything on the emulator with the Lua script, but maybe I did something wrong?.
The Editor/Player can play the voices, now it contains Votrax voices, i want to add Speakeasy voices, just from the previous Wav i could not get all voices, i hope new wav will be better, which will be generated by the latest program.
If you press enter in the snapshot, it will play "Hey, insert coin".
You can enter any listed allophones, and if any of them are incorrectly entered, after pressing Enter incorrect allophones are marked by orange

The lua script does not produce voice, just print the corresponding values into the debugger page2.

BASIC / Re: Dot Collector - Turbo Edition 5
« on: 2022.March.15. 19:21:44 »
én ezeket használom:

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.15. 19:13:21 »
Csináltam egy kis szerkesztőt/lejátszót, a terv az, hogy majd a Speakeasy hangokkal látom el, és ezzel fogom majd a WOW szövegeket legyártani, ha valakit érdekel, akkor majd a végleges verziómat közzéteszem.
I have creatd a small editor/player, my plan is that i will change Speakeasy voices in the program, and i will use this to create WOW sentences for Speakeasy, if somebody is interested about it, i will publish the final version.

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.15. 10:22:30 »
Thank you very much :)
The program waits for Ready, Vortex sends back busy/ready signal through bit 7 of port 12.
I think the allophone continues to play on Speakeasy, because i do not wait until Speakeasy reports back ready state with acknowledge, it is done in the next interrupt, the last voice remained active, because last sound did not get acknowledge, in newest version the last wait should remain active.

so the method was the following:
1. check if Speakeasy is ready
2a. if yes, then acknowledge, and send allophone
2b. if no then do nothing

Modified method:
1. check if Speakeasy is ready
2a. if yes, then acknowledge, and send allophone
2b. if no then do nothing
3. when sentence is over, send a wait

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.14. 23:01:11 »
Could you please create a new wav based on this new program?
I do not find all 60 voices, this program runs once through all, and it have 3 interrupts between each.

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.14. 21:24:34 »
Thank you very much, I was not sure that it waits until the end of a voice, in the video i felt it fast.

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.14. 20:05:44 »
Why there are codes higher than 03Fh on the allophones strings?

For example: "Hey, insert coin.":  013h, 01bh, 060h, 04bh, 062h, 03eh, 03eh, 027h, 00dh, 01fh, 07ah, 06ah, 03eh, 059h, 075h, 034h, 009h, 022h, 00dh, 03eh

Edit: Maybe they add externally a tone  on bit 6 so in that case it must be ignored on Speakeasy.
Yes, bit 6,7 increase the pitch of voice.
I created a program to collect all Speakeasy voices, it sends 4 times the 64 allophones, to check if bit 6,7 has any effect on speakeasy. There are 2 versions SPEAKEASY1 sends the data in 50Hz interrupt, SPEAKEASY just wait the end of the end of allophone, this would be the best for recording samples, but if it is too fast then SPEAKEASY1 will give a better result.

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.14. 19:39:10 »
This version sends a 200ms pause at the end of each phrase, so at least the noise should be stopped.

*** Attachment removed

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.14. 18:56:04 »
Hey, insert coin sounds as Haay insert clean :D :D
Other possibility, i can create a small program, which would play all sounds of Speakeasy and if you would save the output, i could get the samples, and compare with ripped Vortex samples from MAME.

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.14. 18:50:26 »
At first glance it may seem discouraging, the sounds are a chaos, but the good points are that the game doesn't hang, and that we probably can select better phrases to send to the Speakeasy.

Cool, Thank you very much, it has a strange accent :D, but at least sounds :D I have to find out how to stop sounds of Speakeasy when speech is finished, probably i should send a silent value at the end.

Geco, if you have the source of the game, maybe you can put here a list of the phrases used?
Sure, I upload that part of the source, each sentence contains the allophones also. And the tables of Speakeasy, and Vortex definitions.

EP128Emu / Re: ep128emu libretro core
« on: 2022.March.14. 12:09:13 »
Ha leveszed minimumra a hang és video beállításokat, akkor is?

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.13. 21:33:42 »
Sorry, a noob question: How can I use the Lua script on the emulator?

Tomorrow I can test a real Speakeasy.
No problem :)
Go to Page2 in debugger, then press bottom Load from file, if lua is loaded, you can start anytime with Run button.
Speakeasy.lua will print the "voices" into the top right window.

Cool, thank you very much. :)

Konvertálás / Re: WOW
« on: 2022.March.13. 12:59:15 »
Ebben a verzióban elméletileg már választható a SPEAKEASY, ha ez utóbbit választottuk, akkor nincs szoftveres digi beszéd, és az ESC nem is használható a ki/bekapcsolására, ha nem ezt választottuk, akkor természetesen az ESC továbbra is él.
És bekerült egy billentyűzet leírás töltés után.

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