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CPC-ről / Re: Raster Runner 4 player
« on: Today at 13:53 »
Marha jol nez ki :-)


Weboldalak / Re: Enterprise a neten
« on: 2021.September.14. 22:45:58 »
ez nekem tul reszletes volt, kb 10 perc alatt megneztem :-D Igaz nem is szeretnek legozni :-D Ettol fuggetlenul varom a kovetkezot.

Játékok / Re: Találd ki a kép alapján a játék nevét
« on: 2021.September.14. 22:35:59 »
you were tricky :-D i had a tip also for sorcery+, but this picture was not on ep128.hu :-D

Weboldalak / Re: Enterprise a neten
« on: 2021.September.09. 21:02:47 »
faszányos, várom a következő részt :)

Spectrum-ról / Re: Castlevania
« on: 2021.September.07. 11:11:33 »
Great :)

Spectrum-ról / Re: Castlevania
« on: 2021.September.06. 20:35:34 »
please try this version, it was hard to find the error, because it came in the middle of a block load, the problem was that i set address of unpack temp data to 5b24h which does not cause any problem in any other case, but on 128k config the 1st unpack happens when this address on FF segment, and it cause that a small block (about 64 bytes) is corrupted during loading with tape config, and this is a packed data, which result total corrupted unpacked data.

Spectrum-ról / Re: Castlevania
« on: 2021.September.05. 21:45:56 »
Was it an Ep128 config?
I will check, probably exos user boundary is the reason.

Games / Re: CD-MAN Dos EGA
« on: 2021.August.25. 11:02:48 »
The game resolution is 640x350, so it would be impossible in this quality on EP, Attribute mode would look better for fix screen, but it would be worse for moving object, pixel mode color16 would be better for moving objects.

Játékok / Re: Találd ki a kép alapján a játék nevét
« on: 2021.August.23. 19:56:09 »
A masodik nem volt segitseg :-D Nekem a Starion es Sabrewulf jutott eszembe, de ezek koszonoviszonyban sincsenek a megnevezett jatekkal :-D

Konvertálás / Re: SPemu
« on: 2021.August.23. 19:02:38 »
The executable is packed, it is sure, if i read correctly my solution :-D, interface II is mapped to ext 1/2 ( as i remember these are number keys on keyboard) and cursor (67890) is mapped to internal joy, there are huge emount of speccy games which uses idiot keyboard layout, so i do not have glue how it could be solved. I prefer qaop space, or m, but i met very idiot layouts.

Konvertálás / Re: SPemu
« on: 2021.August.23. 15:42:30 »
Why would you like to change  from EXT1/2 mapped to Interface II to QAOPM?

Konvertálás / Re: SPemu
« on: 2021.August.23. 13:36:22 »
Geco, is it possible to make modification in SPEMU binary file using hex editor for alteration controls?
As example, change external/internal joy definitions from sinclair/cursor joy to QAOPM (or any other keys)?
Unfortunately i do not remember exactly how it was done, by my memory Kempston Joystick assigned to External Joystick, and all others remains the speccy keys, Cursor joystick is 67890 (?) , and it is done by the keyboard remapper routine, so if i did not assign EXT/INT Joy to Cursor/Sinclair joystick it is not possible to patch the binary by HEX editor, and other thing which makes it impossibble SPEmu is packed.

Játékok / Re: Találd ki a kép alapján a játék nevét
« on: 2021.August.18. 16:21:03 »

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