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Other topics / Re: Hello Enterprise Forever!
« on: 2007.March.05. 20:02:32 »
Wow! thats just what i was looking for!!!

thanks to zozosoft and szipucsu for your friendly welcome.

i think i understand all the instructions you have so kindly written out for me  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

copy them into a floppy disk and insert the disk into the Enterprise floppy drive.

Are the floppy drive systems rare? i would love to own one. even make one. like the Simple IDE Interface for the ZX Spectrum.

i am a novice hardware hacker so machine interfaces/leads and other stuff is one of my favourite pass times so if there is anything specific (projects or web sites in English) that you guys can recommend.

Other topics / Hello Enterprise Forever!
« on: 2007.March.05. 18:25:57 »
Hi, i am a new Enterprise user. Its a relief to find this forum!  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Can anyone give me a few pointers on things like where can i find software, games and so on that i can use with my real EP? i have looked at http://enterprise.8bit.hu/ and can see various docs but theres also a list of games. How can i convert these back to audio to play into a real EP?

I also found http://www.epte.8m.com/ which is a tape player emulator but the .tap files appear to be missing, e.g. http://www.extra.hu/epte/rambtap.zip.

Final, on in the 'download' section of this forum i see this post:


which appears to be packed with zips, is this a collection of software? when i try and download them i get a message 'hacking attempt...'.

Any help would be great.


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