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Hardware / Latest EXOS?
« on: 2020.November.01. 14:36:36 »
Hello, is this the latest EXOS?

EXOS 2.4 Beta 5

Other topics / Colon commands
« on: 2007.June.14. 16:42:40 »
Hi, is there an extensive list of : commands documented anywhere? eg. :help etc

Hardware / Changing The Default Language to :UK
« on: 2007.April.14. 14:45:00 »
Hi All, now i have a UK keyboard thanks to Bagpuss22  :ds_icon_cheesygrin: (i had german before) i was wondering how i make :uk default, so i dont have to type it each time i start up. Is it a jumper or is it the actual ROM image?

Wanted / Middle Men
« on: 2007.March.20. 14:12:53 »
Hi, sorry if this should be in the wanted forum but i wanted as many people to see it as possible.

I love collecting 80s computers and their fantastic peripherals. The Enterprise has to be one of the most collectable.

There must be plenty of people here that have EP stuff to sell/trade and i know theres at least one (me) person that wants to do the same (well buy it mostly). trouble is i only speak English. :ds_icon_frown:

so what i propose, with the help of a translator/middle men, i a place for people to trade EP stuff across language boundaries. obviously manuals wont be much use but hardware and software must be a candidate.

I am aware that there exists Hungarian auction sites that contain EP stuff that non-Hungarian speaking people would love to get hold of. I have used a middle man on the Japanese yahoo auction site to buy Sharp X68000 stuff with much success. So are there any trusted individuals that would act as Hungarian middle men?

Anyone offering their services would be paid of course - probably as a percentage of the final price.

Could one of the mods post this in the Hungarian forums? And would you be prepared to do some translations? most of it could happen most efficiently via chat/irc.

Interface / IDE for EP?
« on: 2007.March.15. 09:27:17 »
In the latest developments threard there is talk of IDE interfaces. What is the scope of this project, will boards be manufactured and available to EP users like me?  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Games / Exolon
« on: 2007.March.14. 01:24:15 »
Hi, i am trying to get this game going from this zip, i have the spectrum version working fine but this one appears to have better graphics. However after several attempts i havent got it working. could anyone tell me the order the files should go in to create a working .tap file?

thanks as always.


Wanted / English keyboard, manuals and edge connectors
« on: 2007.March.13. 01:22:08 »
Hi, i have the german keyboard and would love the english one - would i be right in thinking all i need is the actual key tops and on the entire keyboard? in fact i probably on need the 10 or 15 keys that are german swapped for english.

And to go with it the english manuals would be nice.

I would like to get hold of the edge connector for the mointor port please, and other connectors also.

I will pay obviously.

Maintenance / Hot Heatsink?
« on: 2007.March.13. 01:14:07 »
After an excellent evening taking apart, cleaning and re-assembling my EP 128 i discovered that the rear EP heatsink gets very hot. I have the cover off the heatsink right now and its too hot to touch.

does this sound ok?

Display / Adding Colour Composite Video Out
« on: 2007.March.06. 17:37:23 »
Hi, i am just about to do the Composite Video Mod.

As the transistor used in the project (BC182) is hard to get hold of now could anyone advise on a replacement e.g. 2N3904.

Has anyone done this mod? could someone give me the jist of the instructions, which is written in Hungarian, on the page above. Are the any pitfalls that i should watch out for?



Other topics / Hello Enterprise Forever!
« on: 2007.March.05. 18:25:57 »
Hi, i am a new Enterprise user. Its a relief to find this forum!  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Can anyone give me a few pointers on things like where can i find software, games and so on that i can use with my real EP? i have looked at http://enterprise.8bit.hu/ and can see various docs but theres also a list of games. How can i convert these back to audio to play into a real EP?

I also found http://www.epte.8m.com/ which is a tape player emulator but the .tap files appear to be missing, e.g. http://www.extra.hu/epte/rambtap.zip.

Final, on in the 'download' section of this forum i see this post:


which appears to be packed with zips, is this a collection of software? when i try and download them i get a message 'hacking attempt...'.

Any help would be great.


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