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Here are my votes :

Bomber 3in1: 7
FlapFlap játék: 5
Jumprise játék: 6
Snaki: 5
Wall Defender játék: 7

Chase HQ: 7
Filler: 5
Pacman: 8
ZenLoops: 6

Enterprise program:
Bricky Prise: 8
Flora: 6
Team Hat Trick aka Six Men One Puck: 7

Hall of Fame / "Hot" news from David Levy !
« on: 2008.June.16. 16:53:24 »
Dear All,

Maybe you would have been interested to have news from David Levy,
of the main contributor to the Enterprise creation.
Apart from already be a famous Chess Player and the main developer of the
Cyruss Chess Enterprise, he is also quite known as a famous computer scientist
in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Maybe you haven't noticed that very recently in "october 2007" he has successfully
defended a thesis at the University of Maastricht on a very burning and
futuristic subject (like thos who are sometimes developed in nice sci-fi novels).
The thesis is entitled “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners”

From there a book have been declined : "The evolution of Human-Robots relationships : Love + Sex with Robots"

Please read the article entitled "Will you one day marry a  robot ?"

This is very serious ! Who could have guessed that Enterprise and its "Basic and Operating System Manual"
would maybe already containing some fundations of one of the most fundamental change in the future of our society !
True also that Enterprise "users" were also Enterprise "lovers", weren't they ?
Who would say the opposite ;)

Kind regards,

Jean-Pierre Malisse

Other topics / Enterprise Depository 2
« on: 2006.September.20. 15:04:23 »
I'll be back.. (sic Terminator 1 !)

Jean-Pierre Malisse coming back from nowhere.
I have met recently for real Russell Pittman who told
me some of you would be interested to see the
Enterprise repository site back online.

I am sorry, I could not do it quickly, but a succession
of unexpected events, even on the health point of view,
make that my priorities had been a little changed in the
last two years, and when it happened that my host site
decided to close the site because I had also decided to
change work, I had no easy way to find directly a solution...

Anyway, I was able to protect and copy the data, which
are safe on a CD-ROM (I will have to recheck, but I think
they are), and would be ready to reimplement the web
site even with some new revamping suggestions of
anybody interested to help and suggest.

For the moment, I would like to find a website to host
the site, and I am open to any suggestion and proposal.
I had thought possibly to ask Wikipedia if they could
host some of our texts, pictures and electronical schemes...

Great thanks to everybody everywhere in the world and more
particularly in Hungary who makes the Enterprise spirit
still alive and active, without your support, we wouldn't have
been able to do it.

Kind regards,

Jean-Pierre Malisse

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