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Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.27. 12:44:03 »
Boxsoft mouse support is 90% implemented :)
Thanks again especially to LGB and gflorez. I have to add an autodetection (exactly the same like on the MSX) now and mouse button test. You will be able to use it in LGBs' JSEP Emulator soon!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.27. 00:24:44 »
Phew, that sounds good! :) I am still overwhelmed by all the different turbos/enhancements you have on the EP... Hope we get all the issues solved :)

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.26. 19:38:13 »
I really like this!! :P

working on the CPC !!!

Haha, since end of 2004 :D

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.26. 16:33:58 »
Little note, I see in the code:
Code: ZiLOG Z80 Assembler
  1.   024D  11 B0 01     LD    DE, 01B0
  2.   0250  3E 00        LD    A, 00
  3.   0252  F7 01        EXOS  01
  4.   0254  B7           OR    A

EXOS already set the flags with OR A, then not needed do it again in the program code.
And XOR A instead LD A,00 one bytes shorter :-D

this is the source:
Code: ZiLOG Z80 Assembler
  1.         ld de,ldrfilnam             ;** read datafile
  2.         ld a,exos_chnnum
  3.         rst #30:db exos_open_channel
  4.         or a

I wasn't sure, what channel number to use. So I justed defined a variable and tested some values, at the end it was just 0.
(I found it a little bit strange that the program has to define the channel number, not the "open channel" EXOS function)
Good to know about OR A! :)

Hardware / Re: MICROTEAM card DRAM problem
« on: 2014.November.26. 15:05:30 »
@Bruce: It shouldn't be the interrupt, as it is locked as long as the initialization isn't finished.

Now I looked it in ep128emu debbuger, but never see really change at B0h! It is outputing but same value as previous.
Usually you will always see the same page here (part of the kernel "bank 0"). Start the screensaver (scrstars.sav), in this case it will be mostly in a secondary bank and switch back to bank 0 on each v sync.
Anyway I also think that it's another problem: During initialisation the page at 0000-3fff is always the same. Ok, I will hurry up with the "border colour"-debug-version :)

Hardware / Re: MICROTEAM card DRAM problem
« on: 2014.November.26. 11:00:23 »
Ok, I will do the border trick during loading/initialisation, so we can try to find out, where it hangs.

The problem which has been fixed was a wrong banking when defining colours. Sometimes it happend, sometimes not, so I was wondering, if this would happen more often on faster systems. But ok, it's still something else.

Changing blocks with #b0-#b3 doesn't require any delays? You can access the new memory as soon as the banking has been done, correct?
SymbOS often switches #b0 while the Z80 is executing code exactly in this area (#0000-#3fff). But this shouldn't be a problem on faster systems?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.25. 23:27:58 »
Here you can work in it if you want:
That's great, thank you very much!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.25. 23:24:39 »
Hi guys, I must admit, that there were some troubles in the last version.
Here is a new try :)

- parts of the disc routines have been replaced with the original ones from the ROM, which Zozosoft published a few pages ago; now I don't have any read/write problems anymore; changes are within preparing sector read/write; I still use INI for reading a sector; if this is still making problems, please tell me; the current solution is a little bit slow, it seems, that it requires some sector interleave; I will have to optimize it...)
- taskbar colours defineable (control panel -> display -> press "taskbar" in the colours settings)
- scrolling up in a window won't crash the system anymore
- choosing a desktop background works now (forgot to include it into the EP port)
- screen saver doesn't make problems anymore (some problems regarding screen low level routines)

@Zozo: Your investigations helped a lot! There were stupid problems with some kernel routines. Don't know if it solves your problem with your memory expansion?
@LGB: That's a good idea, but unfortunately exactly in the important part of the boot process there is no room for screen/disc logging routines :/

Hardware / Re: MICROTEAM card DRAM problem
« on: 2014.November.25. 00:07:53 »
I found the problem: one of my memory expansions! The first preview only used 128k. Now using 1M...
If I remove this RAm expansion, or create a big RAMDISK, then SymbOS runs at any turbo mode (except floppy access).
Very strange what is the problem with this RAM, I never see any problem with it...
How can build RAM test from SymbOS code? :-D

With this RAM hang up before desktop displayed at booting, or in a few seconds if switched while running. Very-very strange!

Ah, thanks for your investigation! How is this expansion structured? How are the 16K blocks placed? Maybe my 4x16K "find" routine is failing in some cases?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.24. 23:08:56 »
the SymCommander don't use the boot drv as default. I booted from B: but it is started with two A: window and report error...
That's an issue and should be fixed soon (a problem on all platforms TBH :oops: )

About the kernel the most strange thing, why froozen on turbo mode? The first preview version run fine, just the floppy driver not working.
Is it even freezing without disc access? Or maybe the problem is still the disc access but it happens earlier with the newer version? Currently fixing the up-scrolling and the background picture bug, but then I will hurry up with the disc routines!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.24. 12:20:14 »
The first version of the EP port will probably stay with 320x200x4 and 640x200x2, as these screens fit inside 16K and makes things much more easy.
An advanced version, which requires more than 128K ram, will have higher resolutions, but I am not sure how much work it will be to increase the Y-resolution to more than 256px (+ taskbar).

The mouse wheel was only supported by the CPC version for many years, as there was a hardware extension (SYMBiFACE II) with a PS/2 mouse connector. Since the beginning of this year it's supported by the MSX, too:
Not sure if such a protocol extension could be added to the Boxsoft mouse?

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.23. 23:17:00 »
Sorry, attached now! :)

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.23. 23:08:02 »
Hi guys, here is another preview of SymbOS EP.

What's new:
- external joystick support: this controls the mouse pointer in a more comfortable way
- 1MB memory support
- keytest implemented; hope that Edoz's Tetris is playable now :) (TBH I didn't test it yet)
- control panel has been adjusted for the EP (especially the keyboard layout and the screen mode selection)
- screen saver is working on the EP, too
- boot drive is taken from EXOS
- EXOS time+date is transfered to SymbOS during booting

Known bugs:
- this version is a little bit unstable; not sure if this is new and what's exactly the problem, but we will see
- disc routines still doesn't work good on a real machine, no changes so far; in the emulator you still need a disc in drive B
- scrolling up in a window can crash the system
- choosing a desktop background picture doesn't work
- defining taskbar colours haven't been implemented yet
- SymShell will crash if you try to switch it to full screen mode

Additional Todos:
- switch between "mouse" and "keyboard" mode with INS regarding the internal joystick
- SD card interface support

**EDIT** Oops, sorry forgot to attach the DSK **EDIT**

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.19. 22:37:47 »
Where did you steal my source codes? :D Of course the full listing contains 17 additional lines!

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2014.November.19. 16:42:29 »
Sorry for not uploading another new version. Unfortunately I was busy during the last few days with "normal" life, but this weekend you will get a new update.

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