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Hardware / Enterprise PSU replacement?
« on: 2021.November.30. 23:30:21 »
Hi friends, it sounds really strange, but now I am without any EP PSU. I don't know if my old one was broken, but I don't have anymore. Now I wonder how I can replace it. Is it possible to use a combination of switching power supplys? But how to make the connector?
Can't wait to power up my EP again (after nearly 2 years) but this is really a little bit crazy.

Hi guys,

in the MSX scene there is currently a rush regarding UnZIP tools, which are based on the "deflate" algorythm, which is used for ZIP archives, GZIP (GZ) files, PNG graphics etc.
- GuyveR800 released the first UnZIP tool for ZIP archives ever for the MSX in July this year
- Grauw released the first version of Gunzip in October, which is for GZ(ip) files
- as it's open source Louthrax was able to release his tool SofaUnZip for ZIP archives only 9 days later, which can even handle long filenames and subdirectories
- Grauw and Wouter managed to improve the speed of the uncompressor a lot, and so yesterday Wouter released his modified version of the Deflate uncompressor as well
- I am currently working on a version for SymbOS

So we will have 5 different Un(G)Zip tools for the MSX within one year, which is quite funny. The SymbOS version, which will support both ZIP and GZ files, of course will run on all supported platforms, so on the EP as well :) I just wonder if someone is interested in building a version for EXOS directly? Using the source codes of Grauw or Wouter should be quite easy (I will release my as well as soon as it is finished).


Maintenance / 3D printer model for Basic module case?
« on: 2015.May.08. 17:06:25 »
I would like to put my SD card interface into a case. As it is designed to fit in the Basic module cases, I could use this, but I don't want to "destroy" one of them for the SD card opening/slot, but such an opening would be very helpfull. A friend of my has a 3D printer, and I wonder, if anyone here already thought about printing these cases? Making the screw thread will be probably difficult, even with its resolution of <0.1mm (or wouldb't it?), but maybe it's still possible to seize a screw in a stable way.

Emulators / Stackpointer-Bug in EP128EMU?
« on: 2014.December.18. 18:31:34 »
I have a strange behaviour in EP128Emu.
When I unlock the interrupts with EI after there is already an IRQ the following happens:
- the next command after EI will be executed; this is correct
- new #38 is called, which is correct, too
- BUT: instead of having the address of the next command on the stack I have this address increased by 1


#1000:  EI
#1001:  LD BC,#1006
#1004:  PUSH BC
#1005:  JP (HL)
#1006:  ...
The IRQ happens between LD BC,#1234 and PUSH BC.
The return address in the Stack should be #1004 now.
But it is #1005. PUSH BC is just skipped, when the IRQ returns :eek:
When I add a NOP after the LD BC,#1006 it works...

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