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Interface / Re: SD card interface - still a LOT of interest
« on: 2022.July.20. 22:29:18 »
Yep, still a lot of keen people on Szergej's SD interface ... quite a few here now in Australia.  You could probably sell out a batch just here.

I've pinged Szergej a few times via email ... don't want to pester ... figure once per year isn't pestering ;)

I know it's his hard work, but how about releasing the Gerber files, etc.?  Or even selling them - I'm happy to pay for them to compensate for his work.

The SD interface that someone designed for the COMX-35 is now apparently lost as the poor fellow that designed it passed away before they got around to releasing them.


Interface / Thanks Elmer ...
« on: 2021.October.30. 06:03:11 »
Here are my memory board design files for EasyEDA, together with the Gerber files and production order files for anyone that wants to get another batch of boards manufactured at JLCPCB.

Thank you kind sir.  Havin' a go ...

(just short of double-row headers at the moment)


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