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Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.05. 19:18:18 »
Nice! :smt038

Many years ago tried it: in a ep128emu emulated Enterprise machine used emulated hardware Spectrum Emulator card running ZX81 emulator :-)
(Attachment Link) (Attachment Link) (Attachment Link)

Ooooh, there's ALWAYS someone who had our good ideas before we did!!!

Emulators / Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.05. 18:26:46 »
Hey, I was playing around with my EP128 during the Christmas holiday and I had a rather silly idea, which appeared to be interesting, at the end...
Have a look at this:

"Yeah, big deal", I hear you say...
But wait!!! This is NOT the ZX81emu emulator by geco running MAZOGS on the Enterprise... :roll:
...it's the excellent SpEmu by geco, running the also excellent ZX81 emulator for the Spectrum by dr.beep (Johan Koelman), which runs MAZOGS!!! :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

I'm not sure if someone else had tried this so far, at least I didn't find it posted somewhere! It was big fun doing this, just because it could be done!!! ;)

Reporting my impressions out of this test:
Well, the EP128 already runs as a Spectrum at a little lower speed, let's say 85-90%. The ZX81 emu by dr.beep also runs a little slower on a real Spectrum, so on the EP128 I assume that we have here a speed of about 65-70% of a real Zeddy. But this is quite reasonable and usable, we can play games at this speed, it's not dead-slow...

Two major caveats:
a) Only the first (1.0) version of dr.beep's Zeddy emu will load Zeddy games converted to TAP... The recent, improved 2.0 version loads fine on the EP128, but it always freezes on the header section (bytes:filename), when trying to load Zeddy games on the EP128. This doesn't happen on real Spectrum or the 2.0 Zeddy emu running under a Windoze Speccy emu, like Spectaculator (the one I'm using on my laptop...)
b) On a real Spectrum or on a Windoze Spectrum emulator, both versions of dr.beep's Zeddy emu have a rather high compatibility rate, let's say that almost 7-8 out of 10 "normal" lo-res games will run fine. On the EP128 with the trick I tried, I was able to successfully play, let's say 3-4 out of 10 Zeddy proggies... Many of them are loading fine but they e.g. freeze/crash on the starting screen. Most recent games like the ones from Bob Smith will not run properly.
But hey, 3D Monster Maze, La Pulga, Mazogs, Gauntlet, which are some of my all time favorites, run just fine, of course slower, as I mentioned above!!

Cool!! And it's software-only!!!!

Other topics / Re: Hello from Athens!!
« on: 2021.January.05. 12:48:39 »
Hi again, people!! :)

Yes, you are right, I know what you mean... When playing, it's really important to have a little break from time to time and to get away from the keyboard/joystick/screen...
It is most important for kids and for young people, who never learned to wait for such things and to leave the computer/console in order to do something else... I (we) know the procedure of loading delay from tape very well, since some 40 years! :D
On the other hand, when it comes to testing, it's really boring to have to wait 10+ times for the same thing to load again and again, as you want to see e.g. the results of an experiment... Of course there are the emulators for such things... ;)
Anyway, very nice of you to play with your little daughter indoors, showing her the EP, I imagine it, such a nice picture to see... I wish you many many more happy moments like these!!!

The main greek magazines for such subjects during the early/mid/late eighties were "Pixel", "Computer Για Όλους" (=Computer For Everyone) and (less significant) "Micromad".

"Pixel" old issues can be found here:
for online reading (no downloads, though, and it's slooooow)... The first 50 issues are more or less "pure" 8bit, later there was the 16bit (Atari/Amiga) invasion and the older machines fell into oblivion... If you have the time and patience to look among these, you will most probably find an ad of Enterprise... Pixel was the most popular of all... As for the other two mags, I am not sure if they are available online somewhere...
Unfortunately I can't remember where exactly I first saw these ads, as back in the time we were reading almost all of these 3 different mags (and from time to time some imported from England, like Your Computer, Your Sinclair). I'm pretty sure, though, that there were indeed small ads for Enterprise inside some greek mags, but I can't help much right now, as I don't have them any more...

In the late 80s - early 90s there were many other similar magazines as well, but they weren't home-micro oriented, or they came later, after the Enterprise and all 8-bit time, so they were mostly for 16bit home micros and PCs...

Other topics / Re: Hello from Athens!!
« on: 2021.January.04. 19:06:17 »
Thank you both for the warm welcome, lads!!

The greek alphabet is the "mother" of the latin and also of the cyrillic, so it's rather easy for a greek person to read and write any european language! The difficult is to understand the various different languages, even when written in a readable way!! English is more ore less known by most people nowadays, I personally prefer english language menus in Windows, Office suite and any programs I use for work, rather than greek. A greek-speaking computer seems to me very odd!! :D

I remember first seeing an Enterprise in home-computer related magazines of the era, in advertisements. But they weren't "first division" ads, just in the corner of the page. I then saw them exhibited in some central computer shops of Athens, but as we were kids at the time (born in 1973) we didn't pay much attention to this "alien" and expensive machine who had almost no games back then, we were only looking for the latest game hits on the Spectrum-Amstrad-Commodore triad...
I am not sure, though, if there was an "official" representative/dealer for Greece, or if the machines I saw live (and advertised by specific shops) were individual imports... Most likely the second, I will perform a more detailed check and I will tell you if I find something...
As for loading, I use Tapir on my Windoze Laptop and the traditional cassette (sound) lead and I am quite happy so far... I just wish there were some "turbo" loading option (like with proyecto O.T.L.A. for other Z80 machines), to spare some loading time...

Other topics / Hello from Athens!!
« on: 2021.January.04. 14:49:10 »
Hello Enterprise people of Hungary and from all over the world!
Freshly subscribed here, I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2021!!!
Originally I'm mostly a Spectrum (since 1984), Amiga and Commodore guy, but I am also interested in anything 8 or 16bit which has a keyboard and is not PC compatible... I've been watching the forum from time to time, but hadn't joined so far...
I am an average EP128 user, without special knowledge, got my hands on a real machine some years ago and I like it very much from as far as I've sen it, so I decided to watch more closely!
I am particularly impressed by the advanced capabilities of the EP, highly underrated machine back in its days, I think it's the most powerful 8bit home computer of the eighties, along with the MSX2 computers (I'm leaving the SAM Coupe outside, as it appeared later...) and I liked very much the ability of this mighty home computer to successfully emulate other machines via software, with high compatibility rate!
Of course first come the programmer's skills, but the hardware underneath is really versatile!!!
You'll find out I'm a big emulators enthusiast, especially when the emulators run on older, non-Windoze or DOS machines...
Anyway, cheers from Athens, Greece!!!

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