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Games / Re: West Bank CPC Bank Panic
« on: 2021.April.14. 19:45:17 »
THIS is what I call a fast reaction!!! :ds_icon_cheesygrin:


Thank you!!!!!

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2021.March.03. 11:28:46 »
Thank you, Elmer!
This is really fantastic!!!

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.03. 09:58:33 »
I'd also like two of these, if possible!

Games / Re: Abbey of Crime english version
« on: 2021.January.16. 12:05:49 »
I checked today Abadia, and you knocked on open doors :-D
The conversion is English, only the name remained spanish on loading screen, and score display contains 2  spanish words.

Yesssss!!! Thank you!!!

Games / Re: Abbey of Crime english version
« on: 2021.January.10. 01:58:21 »
as i see, it differs only in language from the original game.

Yes, the dialogs and all texts/messages of the game. But there are also some changed graphics, like the loading screen which displays the title in english...
Could you please, please, please try to do it, when you have the time?
I suppose that it won't be very difficult for you, as you have already done all the work with the original spanish version...

"La Abadía del Crimen"("The Abey of crime") is based on the "Name of the Rose" book(at the time of the release of the film based on it) from the late Italian writer Umberto Eco.

The creators of the game asked him to use the novel's title, but they were not authorized, so they took instead the preliminary book's name.

Yes, that's why this game is so exciting! The book is a masterpiece, the movie was great, the game is splendid. Very atmospheric, quite playable, excellent graphics... Must be one of the best games of its kind, IMHO even better than the fabulous Fairlight...
Pity that Umberto Eco did not give the permission to the authors to use "The Name of the Rose" as title, he had nothing to lose... I suspect he was against computers and technology back then...

Games / Abbey of Crime english version
« on: 2021.January.09. 21:55:23 »
I was recently looking at this:

It's a very nice adventure game, I know that it has been already converted by geco in 2014 from the original spanish version (Abadia del Crimen), but since 2017 the Amstrad community has released a new version, completely translated to english...

Could this also be ported? It would be a very nice addition to the EP collection, as it is an excellent game and much more players could enjoy it in english language...


CPC-ről / Re: Atic Atac
« on: 2021.January.09. 20:18:24 »
Hé, ez mesés!

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.07. 22:59:02 »
I am not sure if ZXM will load on CPCEmu, though... We will find out in the next days!!

So now quoting my own previous words, I am reporting that the attempt to load ZXM on CPEmu was a disaster... :cry:
ZXM is a disk-only program with some hidden data, so I couldn't extract the files, to be able to load them as sound on the EP...

But even if I could do that, I realized that ZXM loads and saves from and to disk only, no tape support at all, so it wouldn't be possible to load any spectrum software without having a disk drive (which I don't)...
So this second idea of mine is totally useless...

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.07. 11:20:40 »
There could be more reasons of problem, Spemu checking byte patterns after or before OUT or IN instructions, probably those programs have different byte patterns before or after, other ptoblem is ROM writing, what is used by several Speccy programs ( this can be solved by ROM version of SpEmu), other possible problem is finding things about IM2 interrupt, and probably there is more, just i got to my mind the above mentioned :-D
I got another thing, Nirvana and other programs which are using similar attr refresh method do not work either

Oh, these are details that only programmers can understand, I am just a simple user!!

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.06. 22:00:46 »
Yes, because there are some (about 5-10% ) CPC programs, which uses only ROM calls :-D There is nearly no Speccy programs which uses only ROM calls ;-)

I see!! I will test ZXM with some "lightweight" favorite games of mine, like "Gangsters!", "Stock Market" and "Dictator", to see what happens... These are mostly BASIC proggies, with little/no code included!
I am not sure if ZXM will load on CPCEmu, though... We will find out in the next days!!
If it loads successfully I will take another photo of the EP running a Spectrum game through CPC emulation!!! :D

P.S. I also tried to run "20 Commodes" (the VIC emulator) and Videopac emulator on SPEmu, but they didn't load properly... I guess I was lucky with dr.beep's ZX81 emulator, which runs very-very well!!!
Of course your ZX81emu running "natively" on the EP is faster and more compatible, but I did the double emulation just for fun!

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.06. 21:28:24 »
it is impossible to write so fast Speccy emulator on CPC like SpEmu, because CPC does not have attribute mode, and does not have LPT, so if it could be done in 2 or 4 colour mode , then Speccy addressing should converted also, which i think nearly impossible to create a good algorythm to find out all writes to video memory, and convert all routines, one way is possible, convert the whole speccy screen, but in this case all 6912 bytes have to be converted on CPC, SpEmu converts only 768 bytes of attributes in 3 frames by default, it can be changed.

Oh, I forgot this 4-color limitation with CPC medium res... Yes, screen conversion would be slow and ugly... Enteprise WINS!!!

As i see ZXM works the same like old Ep software Speccy emulators, only basic programs run on it, except those machine code programs which use only ROM calls (CPCEmu works in the same way)

Yes, but with CPCEmu I was able to play my favorites Sir Lancelot and Fruity Frank in reasonable speed!! ;)
I have to try the ZXM on my real CPC, I got curious now! :D

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.06. 18:14:33 »
The most unusual would be to run a Windows emulator on Linux. On the Windows emulator run EP128emu. Here you can run the Spectrum emulator, then ZX81 emulator. :ds_icon_cheesygrin:
Yes, this will be the ULTIMATE emulating experience, until someone writes a ZX80 or ENIAC emulator for the ZX81!!! :mrgreen:
It could be EVEN more complicated, there is a Spectrum emulator for the Amstrad CPC, so the Spectrum could run on the EP under geco's Amstrad emulator!!! :smt033
I'm not sure if this ZXM thing could run the Zeddy emulator of dr.beep correctly, I haven't tried it...

It is, probably it's compatibility is lower than the HW emulator with new ROM, but it is faster if bigger amount of attirbutes are changed on the screen, and it does not slow down when the program has high beeper activity ( because OUT (0feh),a instruction is changed to OUT (0a7h),a :D :D :D )
It's perfect, really perfect for a software-only emulator!!! No other 8-bit machine has such a good Spectrum emulator!! But how about the Amstrad CPC? If you take a look at ZXM mentioned above, it says it's for BASIC only, I haven't tested it though... It surprises me that nobody tried to create a Speccy emulator as good as yours on the CPC, I believe it could be done on an 6128...

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.05. 22:49:26 »
thank you very much :-) it is nothing special, just i got some good ideas to my mind, there were modified Speccy ROM's on EP from the eighties, which worked well, just machine code programs did not run, because almost all programs used the HW ports, not ROM calls, and tried to "emulate" them too.
...and you succeeded very well!!
In fact I've been able to play many of my favorite games with SpEmu, I didn't expect it to work THAT good!!! So according to what you explain here, the software emulator must have been better than the hardware one! Amazing!!! The other thing I love sooooo much about SpEmu is that it loads directly from tape, no images, snapshots, nothing! You can just play an old original or copied REAL cassette and load your games like on real Speccy, very cool!!!

Other topics / Re: Hello from Athens!!
« on: 2021.January.05. 20:32:52 »
...and it's painfully slooooowwwwww....
I had a quick look in a couple of issues, I didn't see something where I thought it could be...
What I can be 99.9% sure of, is the answer to the question of gflorez above, there wasn't an official representative in Greece... I saw the lists of the official importers/dealers of the time, in the pages of some of these magazines, Enterprise was NOT a supported name...
IIRC, the shops (1 or 2, not more) where we saw the real machine back then, may have had a relation with the official Amstrad importer...
I remember also having seen a Camputers Lynx somewhere, which was not officially imported, either...
The funny thing is that there were official importers in Greece for even more unusual machines, like the Newbrain, the Spectravideo or the Jupiter Ace...

Emulators / Re: Double software emulation on a stock EP128
« on: 2021.January.05. 20:22:32 »
The problem can be caused by spemu, because it is not a real emulator, it convert speccy programs after loading, and patches the interrupt of the loaded programs also that's why menu can be called anytime, if a game does not use interrupts, i put menu call code into keyboard emulation also :-D

There isn't a "problem", I think it's just amazing that one emulator loads through another, I could never expect to see such a thing on a plain, stock 8-bit machine! The EP is very powerful machine, shame it didn't get the proper attention back in its time...
But the most important is your coding, just amazing!!! I wanted to thank you and congratulate you from the first moment I saw SpEmu, so now it's my chance:
THANKS and CONGRATS, geco!!! You rock!!!

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