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It is normal, you see the LBA only during the HxC Manager running. When using need to see the mounted disk name...

Ok :-)

One question less .... :-)

Clean the Edge connector with a contact cleaner spray. Probably it is a false contact.

It also aids releasing and pluging the card several times.

Observe the pins alignement.

I have cleaned the edge connector on the computer (it was a bit dirty) and taken the controller card in and out several times. Also checked that all the IC's are firmly in socketed and replaced the floppy cable. No change. But thank you for the suggestion :-)

I will try to build same config and look what will happening...

Thank you :-)!

It seems like the LBA connection is lost when I pres F1 or STOP so the computer does not know that there is a disk mounted. At least the LCD screen on the HxC changes from LBA to the normal directory listing when the computer reboots. Can not recall if it is sopposed to do that but I do not think it is.

On the positive side it seems like the problem with the garbled boot screen is gone .... :-)

Here is a short video that demonstrates.

Is possible my bugs :oops:
Can you make a VHD of your SDCARD?

Things are beginning to get a bit strange up here ... :-)

Yesterday - after I posted the dumps of the SD-card - HxC manager suddenly started to not be able to mount disks (I had been able to do that without a problem for the last couple of days). Or to be more precise: In HxC Manager it looks like it is mounting the disks fine but when I pres F1 (or STOP for that matter) and go back to basic the computer says that the disk is not ready.

I have made a short film here.

When I use the display and bottoms on the HxC the disks are mounted without any problem.

I have tried formatting the card again and also tried another card. Same situation.

Furthermore I am not sure if this is related to the new 256K ROM that you where so kind to make so that Pear could burn it.

The reason is that Exdos is not loaded when I start the machine. I can not :dir or :exdos. I have to load HxC manger or EPdos to get Exdos. Is this normal?

Sorry for asking all of theese questions but this error is rather strange.

Is possible my bugs :oops:
Can you make a VHD of your SDCARD?

Thank you for looking into it :-)

Here my SD card is attached as a .img and here as .vhd.

Both created on Windows 7.

I am using HxC manager but have something I think is a problem but that maybe a "feature" :-)

When I boot up HxC manager the program only displays one of the directories and there is a lot of garble:


Then I go down in the directory and up again and not it shows the root content as it should:


The HxC works and mounts disks fine on both a: and b:

I have compared my HXCSDFE.CFG file (taken from the firmware as it advises to) to others here on the forum and can not see any difference.

I have followed advice from this thread regarding pins on the HxC. I am using a twisted cable.

I am running the latest beta firmware.

Is this how it should be? :-)

Maintenance / Re: 3D printed accesories for EP
« on: 2018.August.01. 20:58:38 »
Yes, very good looking.

Have you painted the cases?

They are printet with black plastic and it matches quite fine :-)

Maintenance / Re: 3D printed accesories for EP
« on: 2018.August.01. 14:40:39 »
I can confirm that the cases work.

The EnterMice fits nicely together. Maybe it needs a screw but that is that!

The floppy controller is a bit more tricky when you - as I - power the machine through the controller and have a switch to turn the computer on/off. Furthermore you should be aware the the screws that puts the controlle-case together has to be very think to fit through the pcb.

But I am up and running and it looks quite nice:


Now I only need som EP stickers ...

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2018.August.01. 07:42:34 »
I would like to once again thank Tutus for help in buying T-shirts.
If I can, I have one proposal to improve the project.
We should keep in mind that specific muscle groups develop at a certain age ;)
The print on the T-shirt should be arranged in a slightly different way.
The inscription is in the right place, but the computer graphics should be slightly lower.
In addition, printing on convex surfaces gives new possibilities :ds_icon_cheesygrin:


And maybe also a model in stretch next time ...  just to be on the safe side :)

Hardware / Re: Testing of OSSC: Is this how it should look?
« on: 2018.July.30. 21:19:44 »
John's machine from me, with selected Nick chip. At me on old good CRT don't see any strange effect.

I don't found this game on ep128.hu. Probably removed because buggy?

It is on this disk.

It is in .hfe format since I am using it in my HxC. I have the original files on another PC atm.

I must admit I can not remember where I got the files originally. They have been on my machine for years ... :-)

Hardware / Testing of OSSC: Is this how it should look?
« on: 2018.July.30. 18:22:38 »
I am running my EP's RGB output through a Open Source Scan Converter. A fantastic kit that gives a great picture on a modern monitor :-)

I am finetuning the settings at the moment and have come a cross an effect that I would like to know if iis intended. It is from the game Chimera that I found on EpJatek disk 2.

As you can see from the video below there is some small "noise" in letters at the bottom and some jittering in the graphics on the side. Is that normal for this game?

Link to Chimera video

Thank you in advance!

Maintenance / Re: 3D printed accesories for EP
« on: 2018.July.27. 06:49:48 »

I designed some cases for the EP, feel free to print them:

EXDOS card case: ep128exdos_v010.zip

EnterMice v2 case: ep128entermice_v018.zip

Composite VGA case: ep128video_v008.zip

If there is any need for additional design let me know.


Great! Thank you very much!

What program can you recommend for adjusting the design?

I have to small suggestions for adjustments/improvements:

2) on the latest version of EnterMice the pins for setting the different functions are moved to the side facing the computer. I am more or less sure that the placement is exactly the same but just on the other side of the PCB. Maybe @pear can give the exact details.

3) is the case for the floppy controller designed for the new compact version 2? If so the new version 2 has a small powerswitch to turn power on and off. It would be great with a hole for that. I can send you the exact measurements for the swith over the weekend.

Hardware / Updated version of HxC manager .... for CPC
« on: 2018.July.22. 13:08:00 »
Just throwing this out there .... :-)

ZoZo's fine port of HxC manager is from 2013 and is - as far as I understand - a port of the first release of the program from the developers of the HxC.

However, at least on the CPC there has been a number of updates since then and the latest version is from 2017 and should be much more stable and versatile.

If someone is tempted by the challenge the sources can be found here: https://github.com/jfdelnero/HxCFloppyEmulatorManager_AmstradCPC


Hardware / Re: HxC manager program
« on: 2018.July.20. 08:49:42 »
While you get your FlashRom you still can simulate the HxC.Rom loading the EPDOS as a system extension.

Download this compacted file. Select  the EPD17Z12.EXT file in it and put it on the floppy image file. Put also the HXC.Rom file on the floppy image file.

Then start the Enterprise and select the floppy image file on the HxC. Then, from Basic, write:


After this your system will think that it has physically installed that Rom, until a hard reset occurs.

You even can write the commands on the EXDOS.INI batch file to do the things automatically at start.

Thank you!! Do you also have a link for the HXC.ROM file? I can not seem to find it anywhere?

I think that the Basic Extensions are not Roms. There is the EP-Plus.Rom with all Basic Extensions, but it has some system incompatibilities.

Remember, you have almost all the Roms on the EP128EMU installation.

Ok. I did not know there where problems with compatibility with Basic Extensions/EP-Plus.rom. We will take that out then :-)

I think if you choose only SPEMU128 insted of both SPEMU and SPEMU128 is enough, because all 48KB games are running on SPEMU128 also if I remember well, but if you does not have RAM expansion then I suggest to use only SPEMU.

Ok. Good advice. It will save som space then. I have a RAM expansion so it will be SPEMU128.

Well that freed up some space :-). The result is now:

The list from ZoZo (first 128K) plus:

Danish character rom

And then - if there is room (I do not know how much the three above take up) - in that priority:

2. ZZzzip (if it exist as rom)
3. Hisoft Pascal

Hardware / Re: HxC manager program
« on: 2018.July.20. 07:32:17 »
Thank you @all for all your help :-)

If there is room for a 256K (working) IC I would like to have installed:

The list from ZoZo - it should amount to 128K according to him self

And then:


And if there is room:

Basic Exension I.-IV. version 2.0 (the updated version of the one from BoxSoft)

That should fit on a 256K. Sorry about getting carried away with all my wishes. :smt043

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