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Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.08. 12:31:14 »
So far I have not had any succes changing the settings in my monitor. Also shifting to another monitor did not change anything.

I am using a IIyama ProLite e2403WS connected to the OSSC. The manuel is here.

The OSSC outputs a digital signal and that does not leave much room for changing anything.

I think the problem is either related to the EP's output or the OSSC not being configured properly. And I think that most likely the problem is EP related since it comes after 3-5 min. of use. When I turn the EP on there is almost no display problem at all.

@ZoZo. You mentioned a "small inaccuracy in Nick clock.". Is that something that can be fixed?

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.07. 17:46:35 »
These artefacts happen when the final horizontal resolution on the monitor is not the same that the one on its input connector.

You can search the proper resolution with the horizontal width manual control.

@gflorez: I am a bit unsure what you mean by this :) the OSSC I use have A LOT of different settings and should compensate for changing resolutions.

Btw: It is not the heatsink. I opened the machine and everything looks fine. The heatsink is still firmly connected to Nick :)

Tomorrow I am getting a polarity changer for so I can use this power supply directly and not have to run it through Pear's floppy controller. Just to rule that out also.

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.06. 22:00:37 »
Thank you for all the good advice! :)

I will try them one by one and see what does the trick.

I will report back :cool:

Display / Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.06. 11:33:19 »
I am having a strange display problem.

I have connected my EP128 to a OSSC. I use the same for all my other RGB retro machine (MSX, Spectrum, Amiga) and it works flawlessly. No issues what so ever!

However I have a strange display issue with my EP that is beginning to bother me. I am almost sure it is hardware related and I am beginning to thing that my EP needs a recap or something since the problem shows itself after a 3-5 min.

When I start the picture is fine and the letters are clear. See example here.

However, when the machine has been on for 3-5 minutes I get this strange artifact where the letters are dithering. I have not seen the issues with games etc. I have tried changing the scart cable and changing the settings on the OSSC but with no succes - at least so far.

Any suggestions? Things I can check to see if it is hardware related?

And is it normal to have to recap an EP?
PS: Just to absolutely clear :): I bought the machine from ZoZo and I have been very pleased so far. It is not in any way an error I am blaming him for!

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.06. 06:32:11 »
does the msx not work with this thread?

Its only an problem by the CPC.
I think so

I have not tested yet :)

I have been offered an Amstrad 6128. Therefore I was researching a bit on what was needed to run with that.

I will write to you on Slack when I have tested just to confirm that everything works.

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.05. 20:19:40 »
Maybe not the nicest hack but I have seen worse ... :)

I am considering attaching the wire to a SMD on/off DIP-swith fastend with some hotglue to make switching a bit easier.

Something like this:


Not the nicest "hack" but it works ... ;-)

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.04. 16:48:49 »
OK. Thank you for the clarification :-)

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.04. 07:37:40 »
Good guide!

A question:

The EP SF3 you have received has an extra lead soldered to the pin1 on the CPC connector. It is needed because Hans got out of free programmable pins during development. Hans is thinking a solution for it, but until that, an EP SF3 can't be connected to the other families of computers.

Does this mean that I cannot connect my SF3 to a MSX or a CPC even if I reflash it with the right firmware?

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.02. 07:45:39 »
Very good guide. Thank you - once again :) - for all you hard work!! :smt041

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.May.22. 13:31:35 »
Thanks for the info!

Great to hear that GFX-NINE is working. Thank you very much for offering to send a new adaptor free of charge. I would be happy to pay for one. So please PM me the cost and I will paypal you and give my adress.

I will send a message to TMT logic about symbiface3 :)

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.May.22. 07:27:19 »
Thanks for all your work with this :)

A couple of questions. And sorry in advance if this has been answered before. I have been away for a rather long time ...

What is the approx. price for the SymbiFace3?

Can I use this busexpander? I know I have to the special 12 euro adaptor for the symbiface card.

And a related question? Is there any news on EP support for GFX-NINE? As far as I remember you where working on that also.

Thank you in advance!

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.February.24. 07:17:24 »
Nice EP128 from Hungary ...

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.February.17. 11:44:04 »
Nice looking Enterprise 64

Hardware / Re: Donation af EP to Retro Man Cave
« on: 2020.February.10. 18:22:38 »
It looks like our beloved machine is about to get some nice PR soon:


Really looking forward to see what RMC can make of it.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2019.October.25. 09:34:20 »
He has redesigned the PCB to put it inside.

I have not followed this thread in detail so sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere. The SymbiFace3 is installed inside the EP?

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