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Hardware / Re: Idea for a EP hardware project
« on: 2007.June.09. 12:32:12 »
You are thinking about projects like these:

ZXMMC This one has schematics on the page.



Hardware / Idea for a EP hardware project
« on: 2007.June.08. 15:04:12 »
I had one of theese for a C128D. It works like a charm.


Maby worth a consideration to see if it is possible to make an EP version. Just an idea.

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.June.08. 10:37:39 »
Yes  :)

Just found the same picture.

The version I had was covered with thin black plastic. But is is the same.

Emulators / Re: ep128emu question
« on: 2007.June.07. 21:39:54 »
I just made a small post in the Box-Soft topic that described the interface.

In the manual for Painbox there are some code-examples for using the NEOS mouse in your own programs. Maby that can give you a clue on how it works.

Good luck!

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.June.07. 20:04:45 »
The NEOS mouse was a mouse originally produced for the C64. Search the net for a ton of references.

Box-Soft produced a small interface (plastic covered pcb) with a size of 2 cm. in with and 5 cm. in length that was plugged into the joystick port on the EP. The interface had a connector (standard atari format) for the joystick/mouse placed flat on top of the interface. Because the interface used a lot of power you had to connect a second small interface in another port in the EP (smaller than the joystick) that had a wire with a jack-plug (some as for tape) in the end that you plugged into the mouse/joystick interface. It looked a bit weird but worked as a charm.

I also had a couple of the Hungarian joystick interfaces but the BoxSoft version was better. Unfortunately I don't have any more information / drawings etc.

Emulators / Re: ep128emu question
« on: 2007.June.05. 18:03:48 »
Hi Istvan

It works now. Brain meltdown in my end.

Btw. if you feel like bringing Neos mouse support to ep128emu I would be a happy camper. :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

That would make Paintbox so much funnier.

Thanks for an already great emulator. Any news?

Emulators / Re: ep128emu question
« on: 2007.June.05. 16:00:59 »
Strange problems with ep128emu X64 linux version.

I have had to reinstall my system  :cry:

Now I cannot access my floppy drive.

When I tell it to use "/dev/fd/0" I get "wd177x cannot determine size of disk image"

Any ideas?

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.May.07. 20:00:36 »
I don't really know what the difference between the two versions are. Sorry!

Andrew Richards is a young english programmer that made Out of This World, some of the brush and stripple routines for Painbox and the IS Basic extensions program (mailed you that yesterday). Besides that he made the beta version of a game called Insane (as far as I remember).

As far as I know he was a young guy who studied at Cambridge. The last time I talked to him, he was talking about shifting to Spectrum but I am not sure if he ever published anything there.

I have tried to google him but with no succes so far.

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.May.06. 16:11:11 »
Maby Out of This World was renamed when it came out in Hungary.

Here is a dump:


Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.May.06. 11:52:06 »
As visited Vilmos in the summer of 88 and 89. As far as I remember I mailed him the beta emulator in the autum of 89.

Your story dos'nt really surprise me. The last time I visited Vilmos his attention was allready shifting to Atari (witch you can see in the demos he made with guy).

The sad thing with EP has allways been that it came out at a time when the market was shifting to Atari and Amiga.

I have mailed you a lot of software. I have also located the manuals. I will start scanning them later on this day.

I just googled Vilmos and apparently he is or has been involved with a company called http://vtge.hu/

Maby you can track him down and see if he wants to donated some of the old stuff.

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.May.05. 22:09:22 »
Box-Soft in the UK (the ones that made Out of this World etc. You know them)
I don't know :-(
Right now I am playing the 128 version of Out of this World. Still got it :-)
This is a Enterprise game?

In the Hungary we see only the Paintbox 1.2 (drawing program) from the Box-Soft.
Only now when got a some scanned Enterprise magazines (Private Enterprise from UK, EnterFace from Netherlands) we see some advertisments of Boxsoft with many interesting things!

Do you have more informations about these?

Yes Out of This world is a EP game. A kind of Trailblazer clone made by a guy called Andrew Richards. Very talented programmer.

I still got a lot of the software. I am not sure that I got the manuals thou. If you post me a mail address I will mail what I got.

I will start digging for the manuals.

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2007.May.04. 20:45:14 »
spectrum emulator (both the a-studio version and the beta version of the Box-Soft version - witch was better)
What is it the Box-Soft version? We never hear about this!
Box-Soft in the UK (the ones that made Out of this World etc. You know them) made a Spectrum emulator before a-studio. I think it is mentioned in some of their ads in the old english usergroup magazine.

I sold Box-Softs software in Denmark and since Tim Box (who ran Box-Soft) did'nt have time and was afraid of the copyright with sinclair he borrowed me the prototype of the emulator. It was better and more compatible than a-softs - as far as i remember.

At the end i shipped the emulator (witch was some prints with a lot of wires and plugged in to the expansion port) to Kapacy Vilmos (William) from a-studio. The plan was the he should finish it - since it was better than the on he got at the time. But after that I lost contact with him. Btw. does anybody know what he is doing now?

Emulators / ep128emu question
« on: 2007.May.04. 17:25:54 »
I just found the ep128emu. Very nice. Takes me back to the old days. Back then I both had a 64 a 128, floppydrive, spectrum emulator (both the a-studio version and the beta version of the Box-Soft version - witch was better), and lots of software. Sadly I sold it way back. :-(

ep128emu looks nice. I am running the X64 linux version on my Suse 10.2 box.

I have a questions thou. How do I make diskimages?

I can access my real drive with no problem and also make tape images. But diskimages would be a bit easier.

Right now I am playing the 128 version of Out of this World. Still got it :-)

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