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Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2018.July.18. 16:44:28 »
Sorry to wake an old topic, but is there any news in the rev 3 boards? :-)

I wrote a email to SzörG gmail account (hope that is the correct) but have not heard back.

I am using my HxC. I understood from pear that it was recommended to have a little bigger power supply than the 1,3W in the original if you power the computer through the controller.

I have not yet testet if the original 1,3W is enough. I do not yet have a the correct power cable to connect the floppy power output from the controller to the HxC. At the moment I am using an old and BIG external powersupply for the HxC. It works but I would like a more stable and smaller solution :-)

Hardware / 2A (or more) power supply that can run EP and Exdos
« on: 2018.July.18. 08:49:01 »
I am looking for a min. 2A power supply that can supply both my EP and Exdos card (with drive) so I only need one supply. I have the standard 1,3A but it is not enough to power both.

Any recommendations?

Hardware / Re: EPNET
« on: 2018.July.13. 08:04:11 »
Really sorry to hear that! :-(

I hope you get them starved out quickly.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help.


Hardware / Re: EPNET
« on: 2018.July.12. 20:38:27 »
Is there any news regarding this very nice project :-)

It reminds a lot of this great card that I have for my MSX Turbo-R: https://www.msx.org/wiki/GR8NET

Very cool indeed :-D

Is that a standard case from Lotharek og something you built?

I have written ZoZo (zozosoft) so now I can only wait :-)

[quote author=gflorez date=1530973457 link=topic=1638.msg71417#
To the EXDOS controller you can attach  easily a floppy emulator(HXD, Gotek) if you also don't want to manage disks.

Just a quick followup. Is anybody using this SD CB - HXC Rev C: https://lotharek.pl//productdetail.php?id=32

And can you get power from the EP or does it have to come externally?

Hi gflores

Thank you for answer. The gotek solution seems like a good way to go now when the sd card reader is out :-)

I will keep my eyes open for a machine on ebay but I would prefer buying for one of the experienced guys here to avoid risking being ripped of ... I will drop Zozo a line.

I saw you expansion port that can ruin the SE-ONE. I have one for my MSX Turbo-R so I was thinking about adding that later.

Once again thank you for the answers. Good suggestions :smt038

For Sale / Looking for EP128 + SD card reader and scart cable
« on: 2018.July.07. 15:43:26 »
I know it is a long shot but I will give it a try anyhow :-)

Back in the day I used to own a EP128 & 64 disk interface, mouse, etc. etc. Imported the stuff from Boxsoft here to Denmark.

Unfortunately I sold my machines many years a go :-( and life took over with work and many other things ...

Anyhow, I am looking for a working EP128 with a SD interface (no more tapes) and a scart cable. It would be very nice if the machine is expanded with RAM etc. but it is not a demand.

If you have a machine like that you do not use I would be very interrested. I know the going rate is high but that is how it goes.

Hope to hear from you. Even thou emu128ep is good it is not the real thing ..

Load any configuration with fileio (for example EP_128k_Tape_FileIO_TASMON.cfg), and set the workinng directory where the SID player and files are extracted.

Strange. With the configuration you state (EP_128k_Tape_FileIO_TASMON.cfg) the player works. But if I choose (EP_128k_EXDOS_FileIO.cfg) then I have the problem again.

Well it works now. Thank you!

I think it's better to copy all the files (both sid files and the player) into a hard disk directory, set this directory in the emulator as working directory (Options - set working directory). In my machine it works. I don't use disk images just the working directory in the hard drive.

I tried that but when I load sidplay (using load "file:sidplay.com" the program starts and then I get:
Not ready -- drive A:
Retry or abort (R/A)?

SID player for Enterprise 128 has been finished, it can play SID files up to 60 kb, the software is EXOS compatible.
Some of the SID files hangs the player, which writes into area 0D000h-0DFFFh, this area contains the code of the player
Enjoy it :)
Int joy, Esc, space

I found one mistake, it is corrected now, and the player is now plays in ABC stereo.
Download: SID Player V1.1

Nice program :-)

But I can not get it to work. I am using ep128emu. I have put the sid files on a floppy image. I then load the player with load "file:sidplay.com" and it loads fine and shows the sids on the disc. I can chose between the sids but nothing happens when I press enter and when I press space the machine resets. The same happens if i pit the player on the image.

I am running OSX and running the emulator on WineSkins so maybe the problem is there. I however have no other problems.

I am dooing something wrong?

Games / Re: GameBase Enterprise v1.00 released
« on: 2011.February.16. 06:24:11 »
Unfortunately there is not a possibility to chose more that mads script on the jgamebase.

On the Windows 1.3 version i can't get in to the gamebase interface. It just says that there are no gamebase folders to chose from, and I have to create one.

I will try to post on the main gb-forum. :-)

Games / Re: GameBase Enterprise v1.00 released
« on: 2011.February.15. 21:25:35 »
I am having some problems getting it to run on both Windows and Linux.

I normally run jgamebase on my Ubuntu 64 setup. jgamabase (latest dev. version) loads your ep gamabase fine. It is placed in .jgambase in my home dir.

I have setup ep128emu linux version. Works fine. I have configured paths and verified files. At least I think I have:

Games path set to:

And when I verify games I get 0/1153.

I have set my emulator path to the executable of ep128emu and set it to mad script.

But when I pres play the pictures just blinks shortly and nothing happens !?!?!?

I tried it on a XP install I have in VMware and there the 1.3 version of GameBase dos'nt find your gamebase when I place it in the GameBase directory.

Hope you can help. It looks really great. And thank you for your hard work!!!

Summaries from the Hungarian topics / Re: Games
« on: 2010.July.13. 06:50:47 »
Great :-) can we download them somewhere?

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