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Hardware / Re: Testing of OSSC: Is this how it should look?
« on: 2018.August.16. 07:43:41 »
You mean multi-sync monitors. You have this list, probably not complete.

To use one of these monitors you don't need electronic adapters, only to arrange the Enterprise signals  to the VGA connector.

Personally I use my Enterprise connected to a NEC Multisync 17'' monitor with sound. It has a second DVI input that I plan to use with the GFX-NINE MSX cartridge. The two inputs are switchable with a button.  

What I don't know is if this monitor is also able to sync to 25KHz.

Yes. I also found that webpage along the way :-)

How is the picture quality on your NEC?

Hardware / Re: Testing of OSSC: Is this how it should look?
« on: 2018.August.15. 21:08:05 »
Practice and some expert tests have shown that the Enterprise colours and sync signals could need higher resistors on some equipments, up to 330 Ohm.

Thank you :-)

I do not have the brightness problem when I use the OSSC. BUT, if I take the scart directly to my TV/monitor (an old Samsung that has both scart and DVI and VGA) then the picture is rather bright.

I will see if changing the resistors to 220R (as suggested) will make things better.

BTW: I found a modern LCD-monitor that supports 15khz output. and therefore should support the standard output of the EP.

Hardware / Re: Testing of OSSC: Is this how it should look?
« on: 2018.August.15. 07:13:50 »
I have been asking around a bit on the OSSC forum about the different settings on the OSSC, to be sure that I am using the best settings for the output from the EP.

There I get the info that the resistors in the cable are not big enough :?: :

"According to the video out specs the sync is TTL level and the RGB signals are 4 volts. The 100 Ohm resistors are not enough. They should be at least 330 Ohm for RGB. For TTL Csync 470 Ohm is usually used. Otherwise the sync voltage will be too high for SCART and may damage the OSSC."

Link to OSSC forum

Retrocables told me that the resistors used in the cables are as they should be according to the official EP documentation:

“The resistors value are 100ohm(in RGB signals and Sync) and 470 ohm between pin 8 and 16 for RGB activation singnal.”

I do not have any problems with a very "bright" image, but I would like to hear what people here think about the best size of the resistors in scart RGB cables? I would certainly not want to damage my OSSC ....

Solved! :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

At the HxC Floppy emulator settings remove the "enable auto boot mode" setting.
If it is enable then it is switch to Slot mode, and don't use the selected filenames which saved to the CFG file. And it is forgot the last mounted file when exit from direct mode or power off/on, or remove/insert SD Card.

This setting stored at 0x0016 byte in the CFG file, 00 normal mode, 01 slot mode.

Cool :ds_icon_cheesygrin: Way to go!!

A bit strange/surprising, thou: If you look at the Emulator Manager programs for Amstrad, Amiga, ST then they all have "Enable auto boot mode" checked.

But thank you none the less for solving it :smt041

Until I find what wrong with your images...
Can you try my image?

I have tried your SD card and it works. HxC can mount disks fine and they are mounted in basic when I pres F1 :lol: Same SD card etc.

I then copied the image I sent you yesterday back to the SD card and replaced my HXCSDFE.CFG with the one from your card and now everything works. Apparently there is something different between the two. But what it is ....

Until I find what wrong with your images...
Can you try my image?

I will give it a go tonight and report back. Thank you!!

Can you also make images of the current SD card?

Here is my present SD-card as an .img file. Takes up a bit under 80MB.

Thank you very much for all you help :smt041

Can you also make images of the current SD card?

Will do that tonight :-)

It is normal, you see the LBA only during the HxC Manager running. When using need to see the mounted disk name...

Ok :-)

One question less .... :-)

Clean the Edge connector with a contact cleaner spray. Probably it is a false contact.

It also aids releasing and pluging the card several times.

Observe the pins alignement.

I have cleaned the edge connector on the computer (it was a bit dirty) and taken the controller card in and out several times. Also checked that all the IC's are firmly in socketed and replaced the floppy cable. No change. But thank you for the suggestion :-)

I will try to build same config and look what will happening...

Thank you :-)!

It seems like the LBA connection is lost when I pres F1 or STOP so the computer does not know that there is a disk mounted. At least the LCD screen on the HxC changes from LBA to the normal directory listing when the computer reboots. Can not recall if it is sopposed to do that but I do not think it is.

On the positive side it seems like the problem with the garbled boot screen is gone .... :-)

Here is a short video that demonstrates.

Is possible my bugs :oops:
Can you make a VHD of your SDCARD?

Things are beginning to get a bit strange up here ... :-)

Yesterday - after I posted the dumps of the SD-card - HxC manager suddenly started to not be able to mount disks (I had been able to do that without a problem for the last couple of days). Or to be more precise: In HxC Manager it looks like it is mounting the disks fine but when I pres F1 (or STOP for that matter) and go back to basic the computer says that the disk is not ready.

I have made a short film here.

When I use the display and bottoms on the HxC the disks are mounted without any problem.

I have tried formatting the card again and also tried another card. Same situation.

Furthermore I am not sure if this is related to the new 256K ROM that you where so kind to make so that Pear could burn it.

The reason is that Exdos is not loaded when I start the machine. I can not :dir or :exdos. I have to load HxC manger or EPdos to get Exdos. Is this normal?

Sorry for asking all of theese questions but this error is rather strange.

Is possible my bugs :oops:
Can you make a VHD of your SDCARD?

Thank you for looking into it :-)

Here my SD card is attached as a .img and here as .vhd.

Both created on Windows 7.

I am using HxC manager but have something I think is a problem but that maybe a "feature" :-)

When I boot up HxC manager the program only displays one of the directories and there is a lot of garble:


Then I go down in the directory and up again and not it shows the root content as it should:


The HxC works and mounts disks fine on both a: and b:

I have compared my HXCSDFE.CFG file (taken from the firmware as it advises to) to others here on the forum and can not see any difference.

I have followed advice from this thread regarding pins on the HxC. I am using a twisted cable.

I am running the latest beta firmware.

Is this how it should be? :-)

Maintenance / Re: 3D printed accesories for EP
« on: 2018.August.01. 20:58:38 »
Yes, very good looking.

Have you painted the cases?

They are printet with black plastic and it matches quite fine :-)

Maintenance / Re: 3D printed accesories for EP
« on: 2018.August.01. 14:40:39 »
I can confirm that the cases work.

The EnterMice fits nicely together. Maybe it needs a screw but that is that!

The floppy controller is a bit more tricky when you - as I - power the machine through the controller and have a switch to turn the computer on/off. Furthermore you should be aware the the screws that puts the controlle-case together has to be very think to fit through the pcb.

But I am up and running and it looks quite nice:


Now I only need som EP stickers ...

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