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Other topics / EP on The Retro Schack
« on: 2022.May.16. 16:28:37 »
A nice showing of the machine. He is - of course - looking for a SD-card reader. :)


Display / Re: Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2022.April.20. 15:29:59 »
If any one produces this incl. an installations guide I would be very interested :-)

I am running my EP!28 on a (way too large) television via a RGB-Scart cable and it works ... but I would really like better picture quality.

I have tried to connect the EP to my RetroTink5Xpro but the signal is just too bouncy. Even after adjusting L2 and C43 (this taken before). Adjusting helps btw. - alot.

Well, just wanted to let people know that I am in the market for this, if the chances comes. Thank you!


Display / Re: Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2022.March.14. 12:15:43 »
gerber, profile

Thank you very much! Very interesting project! :)

Display / Re: Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2022.February.10. 13:28:23 »
Any news on this interesting project? :)

Other topics / Re: Possible SymbOS 3.1 bugs. Can others reproduce?
« on: 2022.January.14. 18:24:58 »
Strange :?:

Well, I have just tested my EnterMice with the game Bricky Prise. Works fine so the connections are fine (cleaned them yesterday just in case). With Bricky Prise I used it in EnterMice mode. DS 1 and 2 set to ON. What are your DS's set to.

I have not really tested mass-storage on the SF3 on SymbOS. Will give that a go next.

Let the testing begin! :)

Other topics / Possible SymbOS 3.1 bugs. Can others reproduce?
« on: 2022.January.14. 13:37:42 »
I have a EP128 with 1MB, EnterMice and a SF3 and a SD-card reader.

I am running a fresh install of SymbOS 3.1 and have encountered two issues that I am not sure are 3.1 bugs or my setup.

First of all the new SymbOS3.1 does not boot when I do not have the SF3 connected. It just hangs during boot just before the desktop normally opens. With the SF3 it boots fine. SymbOS is installed on the first F: partition on the SD card.

Secondly I can not get my EnterMice to work with 3.1. My PS/2 mouse should work with the Box-Soft driver (first DP OFF, second ON) but it does not. It worked fine on 3.0.

Can anyone else reproduce these errors?

Hardware / Re: 9v or 12v from PSU?
« on: 2022.January.11. 14:12:21 »

Aha. Great to know :)

Hardware / Re: 9v or 12v from PSU?
« on: 2022.January.11. 12:45:16 »
Aha. Thank you for the reply! :)

Just in case (@Tuby128). Here is a picture of the PSU:


And here is a picture of the reading:


Hardware / 9v or 12v from PSU?
« on: 2022.January.11. 12:00:13 »
This maybe a dumb question but should the standard PSU output 9v og 12v and does it make any difference?

On my PSU it says that it outputs 9v but when I measure it really outputs 12v :?: (no load)

I have tried with a new high quality 9v PSU and the computer works fine with 9v.

This is rather old equipment and I do not want to strain things.

Closed topics / Re: Selling: Floppy controller by Pear
« on: 2021.December.19. 11:05:52 »

Display / Re: Rgb2Hdmi enterprise profile
« on: 2021.December.14. 08:24:20 »
Cool project. Looking forward to see it in action :)

Other topics / Enterprise featured on Retro Man Cave - part 1 of 2
« on: 2021.November.26. 09:28:56 »

A very nice presentation ...

In the end he asks for help finding good software and a SD reader :-)

Maintenance / Re: WTB: Exos 2.4 EPROM
« on: 2021.October.15. 09:45:17 »
My local supplier did a good job. Running Exos2.4!

Ahhhhh the speed of the memory test :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Maintenance / Re: WTB: Exos 2.4 EPROM
« on: 2021.October.14. 06:55:43 »
I have a 64KB eprom in EXOS 2.4+BASIC+WP.
To use it you need to modify the motherboard ROM slot to 64KB.

(Attachment Link)

Cool. I have done the install before, so I got that figured out!

If my local supplier does'nt work out I will get back :smt023

Maintenance / Re: WTB: Exos 2.4 EPROM
« on: 2021.October.13. 15:30:25 »
I have just found a local supplier who also burns. If that does not work I will take you up on your offer.

Thank you for replying :)

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