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Games / West Bank CPC Bank Panic
« on: 2021.March.15. 14:17:29 »


 Just noticed CPC has nice looking port of this game


 i used to play this with my C64 back in the days. its smoother than CPC but CPC version is looks promissing port to EP :)

 There is  old Speccy port on EP  but i dont think CPC version isnt ported yet to EP?

Games / Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2020.October.06. 20:06:23 »

Noticed that CPC version of Nebulus/Tower toppler  is not ported to Enterprise. Port to CPC is great little slower than on C64 but playable. Iam sure it would run smoother on  EP and sound better :)

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