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Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 21:16:14 »
I’m trying to disassemble the machine and I’m not able to separate the two plastic shells from the back! Is there a screw beneath the paper label (where the serial is printed)? Or is it just some plastic clips jammed together?

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 20:45:29 »
One more hint: if you see Philips electrolytic capacitors on the board then replace it. (Early boards built with these)
The most critical the C9, if it is dried out (which is very possible at machine from the hot Egypt) then will kill the TR2 again.
Ok, will check that too.

By the way, I measured the voltage output from the PSU that came with the machine and found it 12V (- center). Can the E64 tolerate this extra 3V in its input, or has it caused other damages as well?

Thank you.

Display / Re: RGP Socket Name or Part Numer?
« on: 2019.December.25. 20:08:25 »
Thank you Zozo again :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 19:59:50 »
Power LED also not light?
If not then very possible someone tried it earlier with wrong polarity PSU.
If this happened then need to replace 2x7805, one BC337 transistor (TR2), and LM386 (U38).

There is a schematics at my page.
No, the LED didn't light. I think it was previously connected to a reversed polarity PSU as you mentioned. I'll open it up and see what I can do.

Thank you Zozo :)

Display / RGP Socket Name or Part Numer?
« on: 2019.December.25. 19:53:56 »
I'm thinking of making an RGB/SCART cable for my E64. I have the scart plug, cable and resisters. I only lack the RGB socket (picture attached), which I don't know its name or part number in order to order it online. Any help please?

Thank you.

Hardware / Re: Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 19:33:58 »
Nope, the led didn't light. I tried to press some random keys, but nothing. I also booted the machine while the cartridge is inserted, but the same result, nothing.

From the look of the adapter I received with the computer, I have a doubt that someone had tried to power up the computer with a wrong polarity adapter and fried the power module inside the machine!

Thank you :)

Hardware / Help Recovering an Enterprise 64
« on: 2019.December.25. 18:48:50 »
Hello guys!

I got this dead Arabic Enterprise 64 computer along with a power adapter and a IS-Basic cartridge.

I tested it by plugging one yellow RCA cable into its video output and the other end to my TV's video input. I then plugged in my ZX Spectrum's power adapter because I know it works and is compatible with E64 (9V negative center).

The computer didn't power up. There was no sign of life at all; no sound nor video signal.

I don't have previous experience with Enterprise computers and really don't know where to look at in order to bring this machine to life again. Are there components known to be prone to error I should check first? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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