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Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2019.August.07. 00:10:14 »
after the vacation,
 do I buy a nmos Enterprise. to solve the memory problem

Konvertálás / Re: SPEmu128
« on: 2019.May.25. 20:07:12 »
when I have the second batch of SF3s ready I will continue with the firmware.
-enlarge the roms 32 48 and 64kb
-hexadecimal rom number
-Enterprise,CPC,MSX or PCW  name on the oled display.
-continu with the wifi stuff

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2019.May.17. 00:25:42 »
Great job Gflorez,
Unfortunately I don't have time to answer the forums.

Hardver / Re: M-Slot (MSX konverter kártya)
« on: 2018.July.13. 21:22:46 »
Options for the M-Slot

From WORP3. Msx developments

Concerning MSX audio interfaces, there are several to choose from:

-FM-PAC based on a YM2413 opl chip
-Music module based on a Y8950 opl chip
-OPL4 or moonsound based on a YMF-278B-F chip including wave and FM voices
-Some MIDI interfaces
-And off-coarse my own MIDI-PAC v1 and v2 which translates YM2413 and AY8910 soundchip behavior into realtime MIDI data so a full blown synth, keyboard or module can play the sound/music.
-The new Supersoniqs Darky dual PSG with effect processor is also coming up.

So there's lot's to choose from.

Hardware / Re: EPNET
« on: 2018.July.13. 21:09:58 »
sad bruce,

I am also busy with a new type of network card. TMTNET
now first for the CPC later also hope for MSX and Enterprise
the specs are amazing.
it is becoming a bit of my life work haha.
but I still have a long way to go. so still a little patience

Interface / Re: MSX slot
« on: 2018.June.28. 12:09:01 »
:smt020 :smt038

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2018.May.19. 00:49:31 »
What is an DAVE chip?

Interface / Re: MSX slot
« on: 2018.May.03. 22:58:53 »
At the moment I am still very busy for the CPC computer, I hope to make a design for an EnterDAP soon
So that you can use MSX  (and or CPC)  cartrigdes on your Enterprise.
Whether I only make a circuit diagram or release the Gerber files free, I look for another answer

I would like to receive ideas on how the EnterDAP should look like
for example:

1 msx slot
2 Enterprise IDC
1 Enterprise Edge
1 CPC slot ??

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2018.April.19. 23:17:45 »
Thank you, I will ask Edo or Jorn. Enterprise is new to me. Never heard of it before :shock:

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2018.April.19. 21:25:14 »
Are there also enterprise users in the Netherlands?

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2018.April.19. 21:19:43 »
Infomation about the SE-ONE can be found at www.tmtlogic.com.

If more than 15 people are interested in an enterprise version of the SE-ONE, I can make this card for you.

Price will be approximately € 59. (exlc shipping cost from the Netherlands)
If a midi interface needs to be added, the price will rise.

Thanks to gflorez for making the msx to enterprice adaptor !

MSX SE-ONE version  is normaly enough in stock.

There is also an SE-ONE for the CPC computer

Hardware / Re:SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2018.April.19. 19:34:27 »
Iam registrated :)

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