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Emulators / Re: ep128emu fullscreen
« on: 2017.December.22. 17:38:48 »
Thanks IstanV. I'll try that out.

Emulators / ep128emu fullscreen
« on: 2017.December.22. 12:44:26 »
Haven't looked at ep128emu for a while, but really happy to see some new developments this year. Brilliant to see that there's now mouse support. I'm loving using a mouse with Boxsoft Paintbox.

I have one question - is it possible to start the emulator full screen by default? So that I don't have to press F9 every time I start? (I'm running on Linux btw). I remember back in version 1, there was a fullscreen command line switch but that doesn't seem to work in version 2.

Thank you!

Hardware / Re: EPNET
« on: 2017.December.22. 12:22:38 »
Wow - I'm an old EP enthusiast and I've just found out about EPNET. Sounds really exciting. Great to see there are so many EP hardware projects still going on in 2017!

And even better that EPNET is being made by Bruce Tanner - who wrote the original IS BASIC. Brilliant!

Can't wait for it to be released...

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