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Other topics / Re: N00b alert!
« on: 2020.June.19. 12:30:06 »

Where are you from? If you can find an old PAL TV with analogue tuner in your country, then you shouldn't need a monitor cable, you can connect to an old TV. But of course, a monitor will give you a much better picture.

Also, if you hard wire an old keyboard (time consuming but I know people who've done it), then that's all you need to turn your motherboard into a fully functional enterprise.

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.June.11. 12:09:30 »
Welcome! :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

some (I guess) audio cables

Those audio cables are to connect to a tape recorder for loading and saving to cassette. Classic 80s style.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.24. 14:19:53 »
Wow. This is really fast progress. Fantastic!!! :smt041 :smt041

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.07. 12:49:15 »
These links are extracted from the official Nick and Dave documents that we are already managing. Do they have any fixing over the originals?

Great stuff. Those will probably be the best place to start. I'm not totally sure but I don't believe there are any fixes in the HTML version.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.06. 22:40:18 »
Wow - this is very exciting news. :mrgreen:

I guess the hardest bits will be programming the Nick chip's line parameter table. And of course getting cycle exact emulation (but that can always be worked out later).

The official Nick and Dave chip documentation provides a very good start: 

And IstanV knows a lot about the undocumented behaviour!

Summaries from the Hungarian topics / Re: Interview with Nick Toop
« on: 2020.February.15. 09:27:20 »
Amazing photos! Thanks for posting these.:mrgreen:

Hardware / Re: Broken 12V
« on: 2019.July.20. 09:55:43 »
Finally got it fixed and working.

It was nothing to do with the coil. There was some kind of a problem with the BC337-40. I replaced it with another one (also BC337-40 as that's all I have) and it now works. :smt041

Wanted / Re: EP Case etc.
« on: 2019.July.20. 09:49:56 »
project EnterPC!
20 years ago, I had just that same idea because I had a spare EP motherboard lying around.

I got most of the way through re-wiring a keyboard, but then I left home for university and the project was never finished. Happy memories though. :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Hardware / Re: Broken 12V
« on: 2019.July.15. 13:07:45 »
Thanks - that's good to know. So hopefully the transistor is good.

I'll try adding some more windings to the coil. I'm aiming for 14.5V input to the 78L12 regulator.

Hardware / Re: Broken 12V
« on: 2019.July.14. 23:29:55 »
I finally found some time to look into fixing my EP. But I'm a bit out of my depth with analogue electronics! Things are definitely improving, but the input to the 12v regulator 78L12 is currently only at 10V

I got some replacement parts from an electronics store. I tried to find the closest replacements that I could, but the wire that I bought to repair the coil is 0.236mm, not 0.25mm. I left the inner winding on the coil (the red wire) as that didn't seem to be damaged. Maybe I should have rewound both the windings.

The other problem is that I asked for BC337 transistors and they have given me BC337-40 transistors. Looking at a datasheet the only difference that I have found is the minimum DC current gain.

DC Current Gain hFE (IC = 100 mA, VCE = 1.0 V)
BC337            Min 100 Max 630
BC337–40      Min 250 Max 630

Can anyone tell me what the implications are. Is it okay to use that transistor?

If the transistor is okay, I'm thinking I'll just add a few more windings to the coil to see if I can increase the voltage...

Interface / Re: USB to Enterprise serial
« on: 2019.July.02. 21:40:42 »
I was considering writing a simple zmodem client for the Enterprise. But then my EP stopped working and so I'll have to fix that first unfortunately :(

Also, since I had to open it up to try and fix it, I had the bright idea to "upgrade" it to 6MHz. But of course this will destroy all the timings for the serial driver. Seemed like a good idea at the time, though.

As an alternative, is there any serial support in ep128emu?

Wanted / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2019.May.19. 13:37:52 »
Yes - he does this in his spare time so it can take a long time. But it's worth the long wait, because the SD interface is great.

And the good news is that the new SD boards can also have a real time clock. And also FAT16 support is coming in the future too.

CPC-ről / Re: R-Type
« on: 2019.March.30. 10:09:37 »
The Spectrum version of R-Type was absolutely brilliant. But this CPC remake is even more amazing!!

Fantastic to have it on the Enterprise as well. :smt041

Hall of Fame / Re: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer)
« on: 2019.March.29. 19:52:34 »
Not yet, they are a mess of files from various programs all mixed together, so not really usable currently. A long-term project for Zozo...

I see... I'm happy to help sort through stuff if Zozo wants any help.

Hall of Fame / Re: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer)
« on: 2019.March.23. 14:46:24 »
Wow, that's a load of great information!

Are the source codes downloadable anywhere? I couldn't find them in the thread but maybe I missed something as there's so much there.

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