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Maintenance / Re: EP64/128 expansion port no longer working
« on: 2016.June.17. 18:38:56 »
It is still waiting for you!

Really? Wow!

Great! Then I think no any serious problem. Just need to find the right position. Contacts cleared?

Not yet, that's the plan for tonight, I'm also hoping the board will shift by 1mm or so and that will be enough. I still haven't perfected a method of re-inserting the keyboard ribbon cables without fear of damage.


Maintenance / Re: EP64/128 expansion port no longer working
« on: 2016.June.17. 01:53:19 »
Hi Zozo,

Nice to be back!

I remember the TVC, I recently found the pictures you sent all those years ago when I was clearing up the hard drive of my webserver and realised that machine would be long gone by now. September 2008 that was.... From the hardware summary it was closer to a Camputers Lynx than an EP? Still a nice looking machine though :)

The last exhibition I did was in Croydon UK 2005, the EPs I had on show were put in their box and not opened again until last month, nice to see the flashing ENTERPRISE screen again! You're onto something with the contacts, with the case of a UK bridge removed and the top of the EP shifted slightly I got the nice pause while it looked for a floppy then :help showed EXDOS :mrgreen:

So I put everything back together again and....nothing. Tomorrow I'll shift the motherboard slightly and try the Hungarian bridge again, according to my pictures that's how I ran it back then so fingers crossed. I'm wary of messing with this particular EP128 since it's one of the original factory upgraded 64s.


Maintenance / EP64/128 expansion port no longer working
« on: 2016.June.16. 23:54:29 »
Hi folks,

I've dug out all my EP stuff again after FAR too many years and I'm sadly not surprised to see some things have failed given the age of the components. Thanks to this forum (hi Zozo :ds_icon_cheesygrin:  ) I've already fixed a video problem with my main ep64 and the ep128 came back to life by itself so I'm expecting that one to fail again soon, probably dried out capacitors.

Main issue I have at the minute is none of my expansion boards work any more and I'm trying to find the common problem between them all. I have at least 2 EXDOS modules, the original Spectrum Emulator and 3 bridge boards but none of them seem to work any more and I can't remember the mechanism that detects the expansion board.

Voltages are OK and the bridgeboard's 7805 is generating +5V for the expansion boxes. I haven't dared to open the EXDOS modules as they're still 'as new' but if they have died over time I'm going to have to. I'm using the same Spectrum+2 PSU I did last time all this kit was at an exhibition in 2005.

Thinking about it I also have a couple of old prototype HDD cards, I'll dig those out too.

Any clues?


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