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Other topics / Re: TAP file structure
« on: 2016.August.04. 21:10:06 »
The question: which TAP file? As I know least 3 different version exist (EPTE, TAPir, ep128emu) :oops:

Anyway the TAP files not too commonly used. The pure data files used, because the EXDOS and PC use same FAT filesystem.

My suggestion for this project: store the files in subdirectory, and add FILELIST.TXT which define the playing order.
This list can be created manually, but possible to do with ep128emu LUA script, which is save the filenames during the program loading.

Yes, I was thinking about it too, but would be nice to support EPTE/TAPIR file format too

Other topics / Re: TAP file structure
« on: 2016.August.04. 20:40:48 »
Cassette Driver specification will help me a bit later :)
I want to build stand alone TAP SD Player with CTRL signals support.

Question is what is in first 512 bytes of every TAP file, it not looks like TZX or C64 TAP-file chunks

Other topics / TAP file structure
« on: 2016.August.04. 18:56:19 »
Where i can find some informations about TAP file structure ?

Thanks for any info :)

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2016.February.14. 20:45:45 »
I would like to buy SD Interface.
Could you put me on next list Sergej ?

Input devices / Re: New keyboard membranes
« on: 2016.February.14. 19:48:00 »
I have ordered some more Enterprise membranes - they fit both the EP64 and the EP128

i am will wait for your membranes then :)
my keyboard is temporary fixed - joystick caused problems of Enter button


Input devices / Re: New keyboard membranes
« on: 2016.February.13. 19:01:57 »
is there any chance to find keyboard membrane for EP128 ?

I started to think about keyboard pcb with SPDT buttons. should be immortal

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