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Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2021.February.05. 00:24:26 »
SymbiFace III installed and running. This is awesome !
is there any way to run IS-DOS over the USB Storage ?

I'm still getting used to the symbiface, but it's very promising. Thanks to Hans and GFlorez.

Hardver / Re: FPGA megint
« on: 2020.December.18. 18:03:36 »
We were testing the TVC Videoton source. I wrote the author with no success. There's not source code available.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.18. 18:02:18 »
OK Bruce, let's taka a look !
Thank You

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.18. 13:45:53 »
Hi Folks !

At this moment we already have the core working in BRAM (256K ram ) and SRAM (1 MB ram) made by Yo_Me. (Works for MiSTer)
EXOS 2.4 + EXDOS + ISDOS and whatever the ROMS setting. Kyp is finishing rewriting the Nick as he felt he could improve it, although right now we have the old version working which works perfectly.

So, rampa is racking his brain with the disk controller. The EXDOS disk controller is already working and the first directory is very close. We are having some problems because when reading discs it tells us that NOT A DOS DISK.
We are working to find out if it is a question of timers or is it because Dave lacks some implementation, in principle the controller communicates with the enterprise but refuses to read the disks.

To say that any help is very much appreciated, if you can tell us what the enterprise does when requesting the reading of the floppy, there is something that escapes us and we will try to find it.

Regards, ron

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.09. 22:31:20 »
Thanks again, very helpful!
We already have the mirroring of the ports, at this moment we only need the fdc to respond, we will see what it says in the tests.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.09. 21:41:05 »
Thanks a LOT Bruce !
Giving it a try !

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.09. 19:30:19 »
Here one more screen with DEVS ( EPDOS ) output:

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.09. 19:09:11 »
Hi there ! Gentlemen ! Some Help and advice needed.

We're having some trouble implementing the WD1772 EXDOS Controller. We would like to know : In what condition does the "controller not ready" error occur and what does it look for to get the 193 exdos1.4 error ?

in theory the 1.4 goes fixed over the range 0x10-0x13 + 0x18

In a new approach we have used the rom EPDOS1.9 together with EXDOS 1.3, which lacks the 193 error, but the controller keeps crashing.

How does enterprise know that the controller is connected, do we know the ports and signals?, is not clear at all. We need a bit more information.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.03. 08:41:02 »
Hello, how are you there?, some news for today.

Just a nuance, for the MiST, MiSTica and SiDi boards there is a small drawback. They do not have SRAM, since the RAM they have is SDRAM. Be patient that it is only a matter of time.

In BRAM these FPGAs have approximately 60 or so KB and between the VRAM and the OSD it will possibly be achieved, although it will take work.

Currently the development continues, on the one hand Nick is being rewritten and on the other hand finishing the Dave implementation. In addition to the EXDOS Controller that is very close to going live.

Finally a WD1772 has been implemented and there are still tests to be done, when I have more news I will let you know.


Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.December.01. 22:39:38 »
Hi, Disk controller is comming
Soon more news...

VIDEO: / Re: IPLAY .epv video converter tool ?
« on: 2020.November.26. 20:45:08 »
Thank You !
¡ Gracias !

VIDEO: / Re: IPLAY .epv video converter tool ?
« on: 2020.November.25. 07:42:45 »
Yes ! That's it.
So, i just need the right syntax. Lets discover what it can do !
Thank You very much.

VIDEO: / IPLAY .epv video converter tool ?
« on: 2020.November.24. 19:56:01 »
Hi Folks !

I have been looking with the translator in the Hungarian forum without concrete results about any tool that allows me to convert small videos to .EPV format to play from the Enterprise. with IPLAY.

Can you please give me a clue or a reference?

Thanks very mucho. Regards-.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.October.27. 07:17:26 »
There is a small hurdle to overcome in MiST. The MiST needs Quartus 13 to synthesize the cores, and instead both MiSTer and SiDi use the Quartus 17 versions. Our preferred manufacturer (manuferhi.com) will port to MiST. Actually I would love for the MiST port to be a success.

Remember that SiDi carries a Cyclone IV and the MiST a Cyclone III, yes, both have similar characteristics, memory, cells, but it is much easier to port to SiDi right now than to MiST.

Regarding the state of the core right now. You have to finish the Nick and start preparing the Dave. Later, depending on how the BUS can be implemented, it is necessary to think about either the disk controller or the SD-Card.
It shouldn't be a problem to equip the core with up to 4 MB of ram. Right now the audio upload works very well in ZXUNO but in MiSTer it is giving some problems due to the DAC converter.

We will keep you informed, thanks for all the support.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.October.25. 00:47:07 »
Yes yes YES ! Many of the games loads and playable !!!
In MiSTer fpga we're still fighting to normalize the audio loading, it's still buggy.

In any case, the core itself is already a reality, it is true that there is still a long way to go and that there are many difficulties to overcome, but this is very emotional because a lot of love is being given so that the Enteprise will remain well preserved.


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