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Hall of Fame / Martin Galway's desktop
« on: 2018.January.25. 22:49:41 »
Hi there,

I've had a response to a Facebook post from the well-known C64 Musician, Martin Galway, two years after the original post.

There should be below a lovely picture of his desktop/studio, with all manner of 8-bit goodness. This includes an Enterprise machine.

I asked the question if he had ever done anything with it, the answer is in the caption to the side of the picture.

Programming / Re: First Contact - new Enterprise128 demo
« on: 2016.September.11. 20:34:48 »
Genesis Project. They've done lots of nice stuff on different platforms.


Including a little smasher on one of my other favourite retro platforms.


Enterprise DevCompo #1 / Re: Enterprise program: Bricky Prise
« on: 2016.April.01. 20:39:03 »
Wow, nice work! Looks like a proper Enterprise game

Probably you read about it in some German magazine? And this magazine write the wrong PW360 name?

Quite possibly. I do remember the PCW article and picture from 'back in the day'. Where the 'PW360 came from, recollection fails me. At least we know now what went down here.

I have idly pondered what a next-gen Enterprise designed to compete with ST/Amiga would have looked like?

CiH! You wrote this :oops:

From an imperfectly remembered article in Popular Computing Weekly. As already shown earlier in this thread!

My head just exploded.

And that is quite something, after watching the Revision 2015 demo party video streams this weekend!

Programming / Re: pixel artist wanted
« on: 2015.April.02. 22:30:12 »
Keep going!

Love the huge sprite goodness and that soundchip tune was divine!

Programming / Re: fun with margins
« on: 2015.March.15. 21:46:33 »
Agreed, is amazing.

Full demo, or even a nice 4ktro sometime, pretty please ;-)

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2015.February.20. 20:14:45 »
Great to see you back Tim!

As a one-off contributor to 'Private Enterprise', how many of these were produced in the end. Is the tally more or less equal to the archive here, or were there some more issues that haven't seen the light of day?

It's been a long time, names such as 'Neil Blaber' are stirring in the back of my brain, wonder what happened to him?

Games / Does the Enterprise have a Bomberman clone?
« on: 2015.February.06. 22:05:35 »
If not, here's an interesting possibility from another closely followed platform :-)


Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2014.May.02. 00:09:18 »
Potentially interested here :-)

Here's a copy of the entire original article which led to my letter. Screengrabs from .PDF edition of Micro Mart issue 1209.

Can you also put here the article from the issue 1210?

Working on it.

Back laters  :)

Other topics / A letter to Micromart - Spreading the word
« on: 2012.June.08. 00:37:34 »
Here's a copy of a recent contribution to the letters page of Micro Mart magazine issue 1212 from yours truly  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

It followed a nice article in issue 1210 about ten interesting alternative computers that didn't get the recognition they deserved. Two of my personal favourites, the Enterprise and Atari Falcon were in there. In an outburst of nerdiness, I felt that some of the information was missing from that article. The writer's description of the Enterprise as 'fairly standard hardware in a nice looking case' needed rectifying especially!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this printed effort to spread the word.


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