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Hardware / Re: Problem RGB - SCART.
« on: 2020.December.08. 20:03:18 »
Connect the Scart cable to the adapter. Beep the connection between the EP connector and the Scart connector as shown below.
From this, you can find out if something is out of place.


Hardware / Re: Problem RGB - SCART.
« on: 2020.December.08. 18:51:38 »
I tried 2 different SCART - SCART cables.
Today I will connect to the third TV and maybe the LCD TV.
I connect through this adapter of my job:
I have 2 of these, one with resistors, the other without.

Don’t get mad, but I wouldn’t trust an adapter in this state.
Gflorez is right. Try it with a suitable cable.



Hardware / Re: Problem RGB - SCART.
« on: 2020.December.08. 18:33:57 »
The sound output on the the RGB port is very weak, you only will hear it optimally with the Volume pumped up to the max, and it will add noise from the TV amplifier. Better take the sound from the Save Tape jack connector, It outputs in Stereo at the correct level!

It looks like this...


Hardware / Re: Problem RGB - SCART.
« on: 2020.December.08. 10:07:14 »
Try adjusting the L2 coil gently to the right or left with a plastic screwdriver.
Many types of TVs do not work normally with Enterprise.(experience) :(


Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: OffTopic
« on: 2020.December.06. 09:47:54 »
Egy ilyen FX procinak rendes étvágya van...
Első körben azt kéne megnézni, hogy van-e égés nyom az alaplapon. Ha nincs látható hiba, akkor esetleg egy kondi cserét meg lehetne próbálni, egy ilyen nagy étvágyú proci mellett (terhelés plusz melegedés) nem lenne csoda ha kondi hiba lenne.
(Nem csak púpos kondi lehet rossz!)

Nekem ilyen alaplapom volt egy 8 magos FX procihoz, de a Haluska Lacinak adtam amikor az övé tönkrement:


Nem hiszem, hogy jó ötlet lenne ha ezen valaki nekiállna "home made", kondikat cserélgetni... :)

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: OffTopic
« on: 2020.December.05. 18:51:26 »
De most le vok egve mint gondolom mas is igy karacsony elott 2 perccel.

Ha elfogadod, ki tudlak segíteni egy Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H   FM2+  alaplappal és a benne lévő AD860KXBI44JA  X4 procival.
DDR3 memóriát fogad mint a tiéd, ha azok jók. Ha nem, azt is tudok adni 8Gb 1333Mhz-est. Szerintem átmenetileg megfelelő konfig tud lenni. Jelezd ha szükséged van rá.
Boldog Karácsonyt!

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.December.02. 20:27:34 »
It looks like over 30 EP64's have been sold by the Egyptian sellers on eBay recently, but I can't see anywhere near that many new users here.

I'll put you down for one of the boards! :)

Once I've sold my spares, I'll release the design files and final JLCPCB manufacturer-approved Gerbers so that anyone can place another order for more ... they were an easy company to deal with and their board quality and SMT manufacturing seems excellent (to me), and very affordable.

The surface mount (SMT) compnents were all factory (i.e. robot) installed by the board manufacturer ... that is why I wanted to create a simple single-sided board design. I certainly couldn't solder those small components myself either!  ;)

The two 0.1" headers male headers for EXP1 and EXP2 do still need to be soldered onto each SRAM board by the purchaser.

Thanks, John!



Hardware / Re: EP64 after few starts no screen over modulator
« on: 2020.November.26. 17:03:28 »



Táp / Re: Re: Belső +12V tápáramkör
« on: 2020.November.26. 08:42:54 »
Gondolom 19v akart lenni, csak lemaradt az '1'-es :P

Szerintem jól írta a doktor úr, azon a linken van egy 9V-os változat is, ha jobban megnézed és az kell az EP-hez.

Hardware / Re: EP64 after few starts no screen over modulator
« on: 2020.November.23. 23:49:03 »
@Zozosoft: Thanks for info. I looked at the pinout of the monitor connector. But I can't find a lane with 12V. Where I can check 12V on the monitor connector?


Inside the machine:


Wanted / Re: EP128 power supply
« on: 2020.November.14. 17:14:14 »
It's very simple.

You buy this (Voltcraft SPS12-24W 2000mA) :


Its performance corresponds to the EP. You will set it to 9v.
Polarity switching is easy to perform.


I've been using one for a long time

Wanted / Re: EP128 joystick cap missing
« on: 2020.November.07. 22:28:22 »
EnterPrise components

or possibly 3D printed parts...


Wanted / Re: EP with working 08-47 Nick
« on: 2020.November.04. 14:12:07 »
I got the ceramic heat sinks. I will test it on my spare 64/128 motherboard ...


There is another good news: Ceramic heat sink is not dangerous to other circuits if it accidentally falls off the chip. :)

Programming / Re: Sell ​​Exos 2.4?
« on: 2020.October.24. 16:11:54 »
I'm absolutely sure no one wanted to humiliate you here.
They just drew your attention to the fact that there are certain unwritten rules that are appropriate to follow.
I think he should have just notified Zozo in a private message before the auction.
Finally, if I had violated it (though I had no intention) I apologize. Peace...

Programming / Re: Sell ​​Exos 2.4?
« on: 2020.October.24. 00:59:32 »
Please, don't make a world of the case.

Excuse me, I do not want to generate a debate on this here. :smt018  All we noted with Tutus was that it was appropriate to ask Zozo in advance.

I myself have humbly contributed in translating some Roms and developed(more or less..) the mouse driver. What I have made is for free, because I was enjoying it while in the making.

You control the fate of your own intellectual products as you wish, but you do not want to see anyone sell them without your statement.

I suggest that we do not continue the debate on this.

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