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Egyéb témák / Re: Minden egyéb
« on: 2020.August.31. 13:56:58 »
Anno írták valamelyik újságban, hogy a gyári kazetták másolgatása ellen ki akarnak találni valami hatékony védelmet,

A Haluska Laci (Hsoft) csinált védelmet a lemezein a saját programjain (HWP, EPDOS 2.1) egy időben ,oly módon, hogy megszúrta a lemezt tűvel egy helyen. Utána a szúrás helyét disk editorban "lekezelte",majd erre másolta rá a programot. Ha valaki ezt a lemezt próbálta volna lemásolni, a lemezmásoló a hibát is átmásolta és a lemez használhatatlan lett. Aztán később ezt már elhagyta valamiért.

The new membrane arrived today.   It's a quality piece with a little bit of a plastic support for where you need to push it into the connector.  Maybe that support is standard - my original foil was at least 3cm shorter than the new one so maybe it had that support but that was all cut away already.  My original was so short I couldn't really get it back in, I would have to get someone with small hands to do it.

Anyway, it inserted without issue and works perfectly!  I am extremely pleased.  

You can buy this one with confidence. :)

:smt006  :smt026

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2020.August.28. 22:59:21 »
I guess that I could always get your cable, cut off the SCART socket, and then solder on my own RCA jacks (or BNC jacks).

You don't have to cut it. I can also make you a cable with only the EP side connector on it + 5 ft cable. :)



Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2020.August.28. 16:12:52 »
...but I still need to get an RGB cable!


Read the previous post...  :smt006

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2020.August.28. 14:03:35 »
I just got my Enterprise 128 and I'm really excited to start exploring it.

You have an RGB monitor cable for Enterprise?




Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2020.August.27. 20:56:22 »
Akkor már elemesre kellene megcsinálni, és egér helyett olyan érintőfelület kéne, mint laptopokon, és akár laptopként is lehetne használni.

Igen... és ha nagymamámnak mutatói lettek volna, lehetett volna falióra... :lol: :twisted:

Az ott a monitoron sztereó hangszóró? Úgy az igazi!

Na még szép, hogy sztereo! A gépemben nincs belső hangszóró. :cool:

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2020.August.27. 00:34:23 »
ENTERPRISE experimental project: Done :idea: :lol:




I've already done this with an EP64 motherboard. Here you will find a list of capacitors in post # 98.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.23. 14:44:13 »
I have already asked him by mail. I am waiting an answer.

It's OK then... :smt023  We hope he will respond :cry:

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.23. 10:09:53 »
BTW, you mentioned earlier that you were going to contact SainT and see if he would share the schematic/Gerbers for his expansion board. Did you ever get a response from him?
I see that he's been on the AtariAge forum recently, so he's still around.

Someone who speaks good English can ask here... :)

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.21. 15:01:47 »
I already see your problem ...

Use a cable like this:


The order of the threads is changeable.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.20. 22:53:10 »
I suspect that I wasn't clear in what I was asking.
I am trying to decide whether to use Saint's pin ordering of the EXP2 cable, or to use the original Enterprise pin ordering.
If folks (like you) who are already using Saint's boards are actually interested in having yet-another memory expansion board, even though it only has 512KB, then I should probably just use Saint's pin ordering so that people can keep on using the cable that they've already wired onto their motherboard.

I don't think it matters. You can connect this cable to all memory cards.






The Kotek is missing two GND. This is the difference ...

Explanation: gflorez says it's the easy point on every Enterprise because the top memory panel on the 128K machine  covers the U6 chip...


Thank you for all the great advise :)

Just one thing. On my present machine the ROM is not wired to the expansion port but to the U6 chip. See here.

The wire to the expansion port is wired like this.

Is this an alternative way of doing it?

Yes, there also the A15 (U6 17. pin)




Be careful! Pin 1 of the chip must be outside the socket! Solder the wire over there. This is my 64k spare motherboard. :)


This way... 

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