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"Die Zeitung ENTERPRESS kommt bald! Englische und deutsche Versionen! Google translate kann vergessen werden!"


Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2015.May.21. 22:22:02 »
Cool! , i just have ordered one cable. Thank you!

Many Many years ago i bought my first EP on german ebay after i read about in a Retro Magazin.
Then some time later i planed to setup and programm for it. I also bought an floppy interface , i think from you.

BUT i never use it.:(

It was always my plan to use this machine, and at the end now with the SD-card i finaly have one on my table:)

The last machine i programm is the Vtech CreatiVision, some samples:

I will develop some now for the EP, ONLY the graphics drive me crazy. No tool do draw the screens, sprites in a eays way.

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2015.May.21. 21:36:33 »
the other machine i setup tomorrow , hope it work. I never test before.

I need the joystick pen, i lose. And i also need to buy another scary-cable, i lose the address where i bought the last.

After some days with the EP, i must say "what a Amazing" Machine !

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2015.May.21. 11:20:46 »
One of my 2 Enterprise 128. The Tape i not use, i will remove. Have now the SD-Card.
Serial Nr. is:009214


Programming / Graphic
« on: 2015.May.20. 18:46:23 »
I don't know if this is the right subforum, but i want ask who to design screens etc. for the EP?

Is there a tool or a plugin for some PC prog? I know TommyGun, but here i cannot change the size.


Programming / Re: TommyGun Developer Studio
« on: 2015.May.20. 18:36:47 »

is anyone using TommyGun? There is a new version but i only find the sources. I don`t want to install all the needed stuff to compile.

Has anyone the actual installer?


Emulators / Re: ep128emu on Windows
« on: 2015.May.16. 11:21:43 »
thank you very much !!! Is working, was ONLY the GL stuff.

Emulators / ep128emu on Windows
« on: 2015.May.16. 10:46:39 »
maybe someone can help. Evertime when i start the ep128emu on windows i got only a BLACK window!
No Enterprise logo nothing.
When i load different configurations nothing change. The EP32 emu work, but i wont to use the ep128emu.

I have also 2 real Enterprise 128 with the GREAT sd-card, but for programming and testing the emu is faster.

Normaly i use OSX, but here the ep128emu is the same , and the support on the internet is ZERO.

Best Regards,

I just now setup my Enterprise 128, after years, also with the great SD-Cart.

I plan to write some small games, i wirte mostly games on the vtech CreatiVisio in ASM.

But the Enterprise was one of my dream machines for years.

I will test http://www.z88dk.org/wiki/doku.php?id=platform:enterprise
looks interesting and the samples show also Inline Assembler.

Best Regards,

Maintenance / Re: Interfaces - IDE, EPROM, ETHERNET
« on: 2012.April.07. 14:11:31 »
Hello Zozosoft,

yes i am interested. I try to contact you a few days ago but i don't find your email address.

You can contact me at michael@obsieger or here for details.

Thank you


Maintenance / Re: Interfaces - IDE, EPROM, ETHERNET
« on: 2012.April.07. 11:00:34 »
Hi lgb,

very interesting.

I like to write Software, most games, for the EP. But with tape is not easy. and i have no assembler or other soft.

And fromt PC or Mac to Tape and then to EP is horror i think.

Is possible to rebuild the original floppy interface?

Best Regards

Maintenance / Re: Interfaces - IDE, EPROM, ETHERNET
« on: 2012.April.06. 17:18:48 »

first of all Sorry for my bad english, i am from germany.

I think, maybe i am wrong, with the Software and The Cable CBM-MFT you can use the SD2IEC Interface.

Look at this thread: http://enterpriseforever.com/summaries_from_the_hungarian_topics/using_commodore_peripherals_with_enterprise-t262.0.html

I use the SD2IEC with my VIC-20 and is great.

So maybe we can use SDCARD with the Enterprise.


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