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Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.June.07. 22:41:53 »
Extract text from next articles (SteveNew's scans):

Hi-Fi & Elektronik #10 1985: «A View to a Kill» game overview.

Alt om Data #9 1984: Overview of pre-sale sample of Enterprise computer.
(Some words about bugs in Basic)

Alt om Data #5 1986: Overview of danish localisation module.

Populær Elektronik vol.17 #3 1984: Report from MikroData '84 show.

Populær elektronik #11 1985: Report from PCW '85 show.

Just now I spots shape similarity of EP show buth and loading screen of games:

Egyéb témák / Re: Vicces történetek, esetek
« on: 2019.June.05. 21:47:07 »
What is on at right side? One cassette?

You got it! :)

Egyéb témák / Re: Vicces történetek, esetek
« on: 2019.June.05. 21:25:31 »
Oh... That's my seven-year-old art for my dad:

Computer, cassette recorder at left and pack of cassettes under it.
But I've made a mistake with the wires connections.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.31. 08:10:28 »
Good stuff! Thank you very match!

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.26. 17:00:07 »
Zin80 #01 [Poland] (page 4)

Quote from: original
AXIOM to gra, która jest tworzona przez Polaków już od ponad roku. Pomysł gry został zaczerpnięty z mobilnej gry My Little Town. Autorzy nie poprzestają na skopiowaniu idei, lecz ją rozbudowują o nowe elementy. Oryginalna wersja gry jest przeznaczona dla jednego gracza, lecz ta wersja zawierać będzie tryb dwuosobowy. Do wyboru będzie możliwy tryb rywalizacji oraz kooperacji.
Gra pisana jest w języku C, a jej kod jest tak zaprojektowany, aby był łatwo przenaszalny na wiele platform, nie tylko z Z80. Prototyp oraz pierwsza wersja powstają dla ZX Spectrum. Oprócz standardowej konfiguracji ZX, przewidziane jest wsparcie dla extra sprzętu takiego jak ULA+, Turbo Sound lub też Kempston Mouse. Dalekosiężne plany to wydanie gry dla Sam Coupe, CPC oraz Enterprise, a nawet Amigi 500. W tej chwili gra jest we wczesnej wersji alfa, ale już możemy zobaczyć jak całość będzie się prezentować. Czas pokaże czy uda się ją zrealizować. Nad tytułem pracują trzy osoby: Catman, Darklight i Tygrys.
Termin wydania gry nie jest jeszcze znany, podobnie jak forma dystrybucji – rozważane jest wydanie wersji bezpłatnej jak i pudełkowej.

Quote from: by Google Translate
AXIOM is a game that has been created by Poles for over a year. The idea of ​​the game was taken from the My Little Town mobile game. The authors do not stop at copying the idea, but expand it with new elements. The original version of the game is for one player, but this version will contain a double mode. There will be a possible competition and cooperation mode to choose from. The game is written in C language, and its code is designed to be easily portable to many platforms, not only from Z80. The prototype and the first version are made for the ZX Spectrum. In addition to the standard ZX configuration, there is support for extra equipment such as ULA +, Turbo Sound or Kempston Mouse. Long-term plans are the release of the game for Sam Coupe, CPC and Enterprise, and even the Amiga 500. At the moment the game is in the early version of alpha, but we can already see how the whole will be presented. Time will tell if it will be achieved. Three people work on the title: Catman, Darklight and Tiger. The date of the release of the game is not yet known, as is the form of distribution - it is considered to issue a free version as well as a box version.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.22. 22:29:45 »
SteveNew, full page scans is better.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.18. 01:48:43 »
Сontinue with pocessing SteveNew's scans:

Hi-Fi Elektronik #8: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1985/1985-august/1985-08-hi-fi-elektronik-8

Populær elektronik vol.19 #1: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1986/1986-january/1986-01-populaer-elektronik-vol-19-1

And meanwhile found archive with deutch magazine MC - Die Mikrocomputer-Zeitschrift

MC 1984.11 Die Qual der Wahl (pages 102-104)

MC 1985.05 Mephisto - nicht nur Schach (page 124)
OCR: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1985/1985-may/1985-05-mc---die-mikrocomputer-zeitschrift-5

MC 1985.06 ad Ernst Mathes Mephisto PHC-64 - 1090.- (page 33)

MC 1985.07 same ad Ernst Mathes Mephisto PHC-64 - 1090.- (page 29)

MC 1985.08 same ad Ernst Mathes, but price is cheaper: Mephisto PHC-64 - 899.- (page 25)

MC 1985.09
same ad Ernst Mathes, but price is cheaper: Mephisto PHC-64 - 899.- (page 33)
ad (page 151)

MC 1985.11
Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin (page 16)
Eigenwilliges Basic (page 74-75)
OCR: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1985/1985-november/1985-11-mc---die-mikrocomputer-zeitschrift-11

CPC-ről / Re: Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix
« on: 2019.May.13. 19:56:37 »

(I'm not very good driver)

Maintenance / Re: New PCB for EP Tape?
« on: 2019.May.12. 17:43:52 »

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.09. 17:58:10 »
Wow! :smt038
Nice to read that!

I'll add two new articles from magazine Mikrodata #2 (march-april) 1985 [NO].

1. INFORMASJON - RAPPORT FRA BELLA CENTER: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1985/1985-march/1985-03-04-mikrodata-2-march-april_1

Coverage from computer show in Copenhagen.

2. REPORTASJE - LET 85 – med spill i fokus: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1985/1985-march/1985-03-04-mikrodata-2-march-april_2

Coverage from "LET 85" computer show in London. Nice photo inside the EC booth (Hm... Light coloured cassete recorder case?).
Maybe SteveNew can made better quality scan?

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.09. 00:54:49 »
Populær Elektronik vol.17 #3 (1984) [DA]: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1984/1984-march/populaer-elektronik-vol-17-3

Interview with Michael J. Shirley.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.08. 20:28:54 »
Is anyone have this game?

BTW, at main article written about "The Seventh Seal"

Et program som er ofret ekstra stor oppmerksomhet er grafikkadventuret «The Seventh Seal», spesielt laget for Enterprise 128. Dette påstås å være det første adventurespillet laget for en 128 K maskin. Det spesielle ved dette spillet er at man kan velge hvordan man skal gi kommandoer, mulighetene er vanlig tekst, symboler (icons) eller menyer. Man kan når som helst i spillet bytte kommandoform.

A program that has been given extra attention is the "The Seventh Seal" graphic tailor made specifically for Enterprise 128. This is said to be the first adventure game created for a 128K machine. The special thing about this game is that you can choose how to give commands, the possibilities are plain text, icons or menus. You can change command form at any time in the game.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.May.08. 10:44:18 »
PC Microdata #8 1985: https://sites.google.com/site/enterprise128k/home/internet-obzor/articles/1985/1985-october/pc-mikrodata-8-1985-october-november

1. Overview of EP 128
2. Mini review of "DOVREGUBBEN" or "THE ICE DRAGON" adventure game

Next I'll process articles from SteveNew's scans of "Populær elektronik". I think it must be interesting to read.

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