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Illesztések / Re: SD-kártya interface cartridge-ben
« on: 2021.March.31. 10:26:51 »
Igen, még mindig vannak nyomtatott áramköri lapjaim, hogy busz-bővítővé tegyem. Még az ellenállási tömböt is be tudom illeszteni rá.


Yes, I still have PCBs to make you a Bus expander. I even can fit the resistor array on it for you.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.28. 07:43:54 »
You are right. I tend to think all as a challenge. Once having lots of memory and a way to load files, Roms can be emulated.

Simplicity is also important.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.27. 20:36:58 »
Sorry, as usual I have not explained me well....

I mean to add a 5v FlashRom on PLCC packgage, there are SMD sockets for it.

Or it can be totally soldered, on PLCC or TSOP encapsulate, but then you need to take the /WE signal from the EP mainboard. Zozo can modify his SD cartridge updater software. It also uses AMD.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.26. 18:12:28 »
Have you tried to use the bottom side to put the Eprom Socket alone? There is enough space for it.

I tried it successfully on one of my Saint's memory expansions. What I did was to solder the flashrom chip pins to the Ram chip pin-tips on the underside.


Clarification: not all pins where soldered, as some signals go in different pin positions on FlashRoms and Rams.

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2021.March.24. 11:58:41 »
Great. Matching colour.

Other topics / Re: Autorun at Enterprise
« on: 2021.March.23. 10:12:14 »
Yes, it would be great to execute :BASIC PROGRAM.BAS  .

Edit: And on a Tape based EP? it would put the relay on and search for the file.... marvellous.

Egyéb témák / Re: Mi van a régi EP-s arcokkal? :)
« on: 2021.March.22. 16:11:09 »
Ma kiderült, hogy a kollégám régi EP arc, a Kopácsy volt a főnöke.
Ő írta a MIDI-s szoftvert!

Tehát Jeffrey magyar! Hiányzott az üzenet elolvasása, és most elnézést kérek a Kopácsyval szemben támasztott kételyektől a Midi felület projekt kapcsán.

Mondd meg neki, hogy a szoftvere még mindig életben van.... de még mindig befejezetlen....


So Jeffrey is Hungarian! I missed to read this message, and now I apologise the doubts I put on Kopácsy about the Midi interface project.

Tell him that his software is still alive... but still unfinished...

Táp / Re: 7805 cserélje TSR 1-2450-re
« on: 2021.March.22. 00:43:40 »
A Mouser-en az 1 Amp Traco Power ára az utóbbi időben kevesebb mint 4 € -ra esett.


On Mouser, the price of 1 Amp Traco Power has recently dropped to less than € 4.

Other topics / Re: Autorun at Enterprise
« on: 2021.March.21. 20:09:03 »
Yes, but the EPDOS as extension also installs Roms the same, so an user with lots of Ram can still manage Roms.

(This is version 1.7, only legacy drives, A,B,C,D and E)

EPDOS has other valuable utilities for a developer, because it has powerful commands to peek on the inners of the operative system, for example returning lists of Ram/Rom segments, channels and devices.

Other topics / Re: Autorun at Enterprise
« on: 2021.March.20. 23:39:06 »
A better option, I think, would be to use the Basic launcher source code we had, to make a simple command.

I mean, to use the functionality on EPs where there is not possible to install the EPDOS Rom.

Code: [Select]
BASROM:         LD IX,(0BF9CH)          ;CY=1 HA MEGVAN + A'=BASIC ROM
BASROM10:       LD DE,-4
                ADD IX,DE
                LD A,(IX)
                OR A
                RET Z
                OUT (0B1H),A
                EX AF,AF'
                LD BC,6
                LD DE,7AB5H
                LD HL,_BASIC
BASROM20:       LD A,(DE)
                INC DE
                JR NZ,BASROM10
                CALL BASROM
                LD A,40H
                LD C,0
                POP DE
                RET NC
                PUSH DE
                LD HL,200H
                PUSH HL
                POP IX
                LD DE,201H
                LD BC,47H
                LD (HL),0
                POP HL
                LD C,(HL)
                LD H,D
                LD L,E
                DEC HL
                LD (HL),0
                LD BC,1000H
                LD C,60H
                EXOS 0
                LD SP,0DBBH
                LD DE,0BEB8H+6
                CALL _STRWR
                DB "I"+128,"S"+128,"-"+128,"B"+128
                DB "A"+128,"S"+128,"I"+128,"C"+128
                DB "     program   0",0
                LD HL,1054
                LD (246H),HL
                LD HL,0101H
                LD (20FH),HL
                LD A,H
                LD (200H),A
                LD L,4
                LD (0BFF8H),HL
                LD DE,446H
                PUSH DE
                LD HL,BASRUN40
                LD BC,BASRUN50-BASRUN40
                EX AF,AF'
BASRUN40:       OUT (0B3H),A
                CALL 0C0C6H
                CALL 0ED63H
                LD (IX+0CH),L
                ADD HL,HL
                LD DE,0E54H
                ADD HL,DE
                CALL 0F579H
                LD (21CH),HL
                LD (21EH),HL
                LD (220H),HL
                LD DE,0FA0AH
                EXOS 26
                CALL 0ED90H
                CALL 0CCC7H
                RST 010H
                DB 092H,7,096H,019H,0EH,0
                CALL 0F1D8H
                CALL 0D85BH
                CALL 0C0C6H
                CALL 0C3D1H
                CALL 0C3DBH
                JP 0C37CH

Other topics / Re: Autorun at Enterprise
« on: 2021.March.19. 22:59:26 »
There is a way.

Games / Re: West Bank CPC Bank Panic
« on: 2021.March.15. 18:21:01 »
It can be lovable with a mouse option...

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános / Discussion
« on: 2021.March.13. 17:48:40 »
Not entirely

Thanks for your clarifying explanation about how the laser printers work.

What I mean is... when you think on a laser, it comes to our mind a very high temperature beam... but is the precision not the heat what is important on both processes.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános / Discussion
« on: 2021.March.12. 20:56:18 »
So you use the same technique than the Laser printers. Great!

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános / Discussion
« on: 2021.March.12. 11:13:23 »
Lézer, festék vagy mindkettő? Röviden elmagyarázná a technikát?


Laser, dye or both? Would you briefly explain the technique?

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