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Emulátorok / Re: USB kormány
« on: 2021.June.20. 10:37:25 »
Szerintem a helyes cím az lenne, hogy "modern vezérlés régi játékokon". Ez mindig azt jelenti, hogy a klasszikus játékkódon némi módosítást kell végrehajtani.

A legújabb játékokon/átalakításokon van néhány esetben egér integráció, egy analóg vezérlő típus, amit az EP emulátor a PC oldalára csatlakoztatott más USB vezérlőkkel tud kezelni, ahogy Zozo írja.

Azt a "Juggernaut" játékot nem ismerem az EP-n, de annyi mindent nem tudok...


I think that he correct title would be "modern controls on old games". It always imply to make some modifications on the classic game code.

On recent games/conversions there are some cases of mouse integration, an analogical controller type that the EP emulator can manage with other USB controllers plugged on the PC side, as Zozo writes.

I don't know that "Juggernaut" game on the EP, but I don't know so many things...

Input devices / Re: Can I use NEOS mouse with EnterMice?
« on: 2021.June.17. 16:46:56 »
Yes, yours is the latest EnterMice version. But you still need to to add the B3 signal to the Neos Mouse.

I already have not said it: the driver only reads the joystick port 1, right hand from the user point of view(the nearest to the PS2 connector).

And to be explicit: I know full-well that nobody needs an additional emulator, it's just a fun hobby.

Of course, we all are in this for fun.

For example, LGB(a genius member of this web) has made some good Enterprise emulators, mainly light versions to test some new feature. At the end the valuable information has been always included in the EP128emu by Istvan Varga.

It is not a matter of a fight between emulators, but to add and complete the information we have about the hardware.

Input devices / Re: Can I use NEOS mouse with EnterMice?
« on: 2021.June.16. 10:17:11 »

Ask me any doubt.

Input devices / Re: Can I use NEOS mouse with EnterMice?
« on: 2021.June.15. 11:52:59 »
This is the problem when I want to give a fast answer.... I make mistakes...

Neos is already Atari norm, so it can be directly connected to the joystick ports of the EnterMice... but it will not work as a mouse, only as a Joystick(if you press the left mouse button while switching-On the computer).

Observe the pin-outs:

So you only have to add the Select(/Strobe) signal to pin 6 on the Neos to make it work on a program that supports it.

Pear added the connector on some of his EnterMices, when the owner asked it. But it is easy to make.

The main difference with the Atari norm is that the Neos use the main button lead to transport the select signal so, when you have it on mouse mode, any press on the left button will stop the mouse movement, because the signal is shorted to GND....

I don't know why they designed so badly the Neos mouse, probably due to the characteristics of the C64 joysticks ports, but it forced the use of the right mouse button as the click button.


Ok, once clarified this, I must say that the Boxsoft interface was declared obsolete long time ago, in favour of the EnterMice interface by genius Pear. Why?

-You can´t have at the same time a Neos mouse and a Joystick on port 1, their signals clash.

-EnterMice works on the undocumented K line, not used by any classic device or program. Joysticks ports 1 and 2 usually use the widely used J line.

-The EnterMice Joystick ports add two extra buttons, from lines K and L, and some actual games(mainly converted by great Geco) benefit from it.

-And last but main reason: Actually there are only a few known working Boxsoft interfaces, two original ones owned from users of this Web page(Zozo is one of them) and an ugly clone made by me from Zozo's schematics...

Ok, but this doesn't mean that you can't use the Neos mouse, at least you can on these programs that use the unified mouse driver: EXOS(Basic and any other language), EGI and PaintBox.

Obviously.... a ball mouse will not give you the best feel, nor the best movement resolution, but it is up to you.

First you must install the mouse driver, downloading the latest version from here.

The best information about the driver is on the EnterMice Wiki, the link Geco has already given to you, and I will not repeat it here.

But is important to point the list of devices that actually work with the Mouse Driver:

Code: [Select]
 0 - Internal Joystick     2 buttons, Space and Enter
  1 - Control 1             3 buttons
  2 - Control 2             3 buttons
  3 - Boxsoft               2 to 5 buttons
  4 - EnterMice (default)   2 to 5 buttons
  5 - Serial Mouse Systems  3 buttons
  6 - Serial Microsoft      2 buttons
  7 - SF3 USB Mouse         2 to 5 buttons
 >7 - Not implemented

Input devices / Re: Can I use NEOS mouse with EnterMice?
« on: 2021.June.15. 08:57:35 »
Yes, is it possible to connect a Neos mouse to the EnterMice adapter, but NOT directly, because:

-The 2 joystick ports have been re-arranged to the Atari norm, the +5v, GND and fire signals are on different pins.

-The Select signal is not present on the 2 joystick ports.

So, any intent of connecting a Neos Mouse to an EnterMice needs first to build an adapter to match their pin signal layouts.

Then, you must add the Select signal from the Enterprise Serial Port.

The good point is that, being the EnterMice a two stage adapter(Atari normalisation  ------> PS/2 interface), the Joystick ports are on the middle of the two stages, and are compatible with the Neos Mouse.

Full explanations later....

CPC-ről / Re: EMR Miditrack Performer
« on: 2021.May.31. 11:54:48 »
I want to add some explanations about this program.

I pointed some information about it on other post:

"Don't expect a complete sequencer/player on it..... only weights 8KB, but what it intents to do is correctly done. It works like a cassette player recorder, but for Midi streams instead of sounds. But it can record 8 different tracks, and also mix incoming midi with the data in memory, so it can give a lot of entertainment.

On the other side... again its files aren't standard Midi files, you can't play here your collection of Midi songs. But.... you can record them instead, and then save the songs as EMR files. I have already made the test and it saves  the incoming song. "

EMR stands for Electro Music Research. This corporate name hides the name of Mike Beecher, also editor of Electronics & Music Maker and Home Studio Recording magazines on the 80s. He moved from the journalism to the commercial side of MIDI creating an interface for almost every computer on that era. Here you can read an article about the Performer program on its first version for the BBC Micro.

But some of you may ask yourself, how this particular CPC program has made its way to the Ep?

The reason is... there is not only one reason...   Beta-testing the SF3 I was searching some MIDI program candidates for every platform, MSX, CPC and PCW(EP already has the ScoreTrack Rom), and the only one I found for CPC was this one. Later I found that the interface was based on the same UART chip than our never released Midi cartridge adapter for the EP, so it was selected.

For the MSX I selected the Philips Music Module, one big interface I already have wrote here about, as it also uses the same UART chip and has a lot of software.

On the time I found the EMR performer program I still hadn't a real CPC, so I asked Geco if he could adapt it to work on his emulator, and he kindly did it for me. Of course the program didn't played a note at all, I only wanted to study the curious program.

But things changed not so long ago when Hans from TMTLogic achieved to emulate the CPC EMR interface on the SF3 and the CPC Performer was suddenly working. The path for emulating the EMR program on the EP was then opened. Geco re-took the program and tried his best to make it work, and after some weeks he added it a needed interrupt routine and the notes started to sound... You already have seen the video of the CPC and the EP emulating a CPC, both running the EMR Performer program.

And now we have here the complete conversion by Geco, with the added bonus of better colours on the main screen, and also we no more need a SF3 to make it work, at least  on the Emulator...

He has taken the graphics from this faded MSX screen:

And the CPC unbalanced colours screen:

And has tailored the graphics to this magnificence, more according with the EP colour scheme:

I want to highlight that his almost lonely work is done on spare time. He is actually maintaining the flame of the Enterprise scene, and the task must be recognised accordingly.

CPC-ről / Re: EMR Miditrack Performer
« on: 2021.May.30. 16:05:04 »
Here you have a badly scanned manual of the program, the only one I have found.

CPC-ről / Re: EMR Miditrack Performer
« on: 2021.May.30. 15:26:43 »
The only way to un-protect the songs is to load the files on a hacked CPC EMR program and save them(on a real CPC or on IstvanV CPC emulator).

The program uses the stock CPC protection system, not implemented on Geco's CPC emulator.

It is what I have done on the other songs.

Yes, that is. The Gal and the 245(I have re-used it on another project....)

I will search for the GAL formulas on an old laptop this weekend.

I have just found my old hand made PCB:


I can't remember now what I did.... so I will read this thread thoroughly.


I left my plan to install the internal RTC because I did not found any way to put the clock to work.

Thanks a lot. I will try your fix in due time...

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2021.April.14. 13:24:50 »
The song is Van Halen's "Jump!", still a pleasurable sound nowadays, not like the group aspect and behaviour on the video... Here in Spain we call it "verguenza ajena", something like self embarrassment from others' attitude...

Edit: I am not criticizing the long hair nor the clothing they use, but I am against the use of drugs on public. Some of the members are visibly stoned(doped) on this video, and from my point of view it is not a good influence for children.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2021.April.14. 12:09:32 »
First test Midi-Adapter batch almost finished. Price still not fixed.


Here you can see it managing the next to release EMR Performer program, another fine conversion from Geco.


Other topics / Re: New person here
« on: 2021.April.14. 10:32:58 »
By the way...., SymbiFace3 is a multi-computer(CPC,MSX,PCW,P2000,SC3000,Enterprise), all-in-one interface that can be connected by means of an adapter.

You can read about the Enterprise SF3(SymbiFace3) development here.

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