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Yes, on January 1 I notified him that the sources of the game were available, and on January 3 he sent me a final version.

Impressive. I don't know if he stopped to eat, go to WC or sleep on that time....

I need to say, as a witness of the conversion, that this game was totally converted on a little more than 48 hours.

Shared on Retrowiki, Spain.

CPC-ről / Re: Atic Atac
« on: 2021.January.10. 01:28:10 »
You don't need additional electronics to use Fire2 and Fire3 on both joysticks, you only have to use the same A6 pin on the two joystick ports and use the K or L lines(B2 or A2) as commons, instead of the J line(A1).

I don't know why Pear didn't add the extra Fire buttons on his cheap adapter, but it is only a mater of solder 4 leads on it.

Ah, now I realise, sorry, not for a standard 9 lead joystick cable, but you can tailor one arcade joystick connected directly to the EDGE on the Enterprise. Then the cable of the joystick also will need 9 leads, because ground and +5v are not used.

Games / Re: Abbey of Crime english version
« on: 2021.January.10. 01:06:21 »
"La Abadía del Crimen"("The Abey of crime") is based on the "Name of the Rose" book(at the time of the release of the film based on it) from the late Italian writer Umberto Eco.

The creators of the game asked him to use the novel's title, but they were not authorized, so they took instead the preliminary book's name.

GameCompetition / Re: "Let's play"
« on: 2021.January.07. 01:59:45 »
From my side I can collaborate, but don't expect more than 1 or 2 minutes of the worst gaming before being killed....

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.07. 01:46:58 »
... there's a decent amount of self-modifying code in there, so it can't just run as a ROM.

Maybe, once the code sorted, you can compare it with the EXDOS+ISDOS Rom we manage. As far as I know the two Roms were packed on Hungary, not by Intelligent Software. But I don't know if in this case the Rom is only a container to load in Ram the ISDOS extension.

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.06. 00:08:15 »
Ok, it is true, upgrading to 3+ is an impossible task, but if you ask for interesting PCW programs, there are a lot of them here.

Programozás / Re: JOY.EXT Bővítő / Extension
« on: 2021.January.05. 20:47:37 »
It is a hack, not a real driver. The Language Roms use a different keyboard driver on other memory zone, but also the zone is not used the same...

On the other side, not very useful, because games don't use the keyboard driver, they scan the hardware directly.

To do something similar, I would search on the Rom the keyboard call from the Editor driver, then instead of asking the status of the internal joystick, change it on the Rom, only one byte, a 0 by a 1 or a 2. But hacking a Rom is definitive on the real EP, not a simple software in Ram....

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.05. 10:14:09 »
Yes, but "only" the ISDOS Enterprise code is needed, because the CP/M 3+ source is accessible here.

Programozás / Re: JOY.EXT Bővítő / Extension
« on: 2021.January.05. 05:29:13 »
I was playing with it some time ago. It is a hack for the original EXOS drivers, not for the Language Rom ones.

Try to load it without the cartridge, as it is an extension it will load from the WP pressing the F8 key and typing "load joy.ext"+Enter.

As you only use the Tape: device, to load the extension press F1 and type joy.ext+Enter. EXOS will detect that it is an extension header and will load accordingly.

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.04. 23:51:11 »
It could be great to upgrade from 2.2 version to 3+, profiting from the Enterprise memory paging capabilities.

Other topics / Re: Hello from Athens!!
« on: 2021.January.04. 16:04:48 »
Hello kokkiklhs! Also a good year for you.

I  have a similar history here in Spain, but on a different order, first Spectrum, then Enterprise, and Amiga at last(before the PC invasion).

If you are a Spectrum guy since 1984... then you are now probably as "young" as I am.... so I would like to ask you some questions:

-Do you remember if the EP64s or EP128s where offered on your country on the middle eighties?
-When and where do you started to know about the Enterprise existence?
-What method do you use to load programs on the machine?

I am glad to know that there are Enterprise users on almost all European countries, and on the rest of the world.


Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: OffTopic
« on: 2021.January.01. 02:45:09 »
Off-topic on the off-topic thread:

Remélhetőleg ebben az évben találkozhatunk újra, félelem nélkül, tanult a hibáinkból.


Hopefully, this is the year we can meet again, out of fears, learned from our mistakes.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános / Discussion
« on: 2020.December.30. 13:00:08 »
Igen, a teljes billentyűzet reprodukció a sérültek cseréjét vagy USB billentyűzet készítését teszi lehetővé az emulátor számára PC-n vagy FPGA-n ...


Yes, a complete keyboard reproduction would serve for replacing a damaged one or to make a USB keyboard for the emulator on PC... or FPGA...

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.December.28. 21:02:00 »
A new update for the SymbiFace3 has been released by Hans. You can find it on the usual TMTLogic page link on the Firmare update files drawer.

It brings some changes, lets start with the more inconvenient one.

-New Ram/Rom management.

Due to the lack of space for improvements on the CPLD chip, from now on the Ram enabled zones will be 256KB wide, X0-XF, except some special zones that will be smaller, 08-0F, F0-F7 and F8-FB.

The possible write protected(ROM) zones will be limited to a few ranges: 04-07, 08-0F,60-6F and 70-7F. This only limits the use of real Roms on the SF3, but the user still can put Roms on Ram zones, that will be found correctly by EXOS as emulated Roms.

This is not exactly a limitation, because we still will be able to use the SF3 in the same ways that we did before this update, but with less freedom. Now we need to be more aware of not putting Ram/Rom on zones that clash with the memory installed by other devices. For example, Saint's memory expansions usually put a 64KB memory chunk on its lower row, usually XC-XF. If we enable that entire 256KB row on the SF3, then the two memories will clash and the Enterprise will malfunction, nothing armful. So we must leave that 192KB zone disabled, (X0-XB).

But we still have a lot of Ram/Rom to assign if we need.

-New CPLD update inside this DFU file, due to the new memory management.

Once the SF3 updated, but with the SF3 still connected to the PC, select the down position on the switch near the big connector at the bottom of the SF3 and press the reset button, at the left side of the SF3. It will ask for a "Z80 update", so press the middle button under the little Oled screen. It will show "updated", and then you can disconnect it from the PC.

-Then, a great new: From now on you will be able to use the USB pen-drive as a massive storage on the Enterprise...

Thanks to the skills of Geco we are now able to manage the FAT32 formatted pen-drive on our old FAT12 system. He has implemented a tunnel like driver that talks directly with the SF3 and translates the orders between the two different systems. In fact, it is almost transparent to the user, because even multi-file programs can be used.

The trick has been programmed on a new version of the SF3Boot.Rom, that you can find on the same TMTLogic link on the Roms drawer.

The use is easy:

Geco has implemented a new command DEF_DEV_ that has to be executed at the start of a session.

file - sf3 usb
disk - exdos
tape - tape loading

As the name implies, if you execute :def_dev_file, what it does is to assign the default path of Saving and Loading to the SF3, but the trick doesn't use the EXDOS.Rom...., so, if you execute a :Dir, it will produce an error on an only-Tape Enterprise, or will show you a different drive content on a SD, IDE or Floppy based Enterprise...

To solve this, Geco has implemented some simple file management commands inside the SF3Boot.Rom, that make the same actions as the known ones in the EXDOS.Rom:

:sf3 cd
:sf3 dir
:sf3 md
:sf3 rd
:sf3 del

Of course you don't loss the other massive storage units, because you still can redirect the action to them by only including the letter of the drive on the name file, for example:

load "f:example.bas", or the same with tape:.

As a beta-tester I have tried a lot of programs and files and the system is very reliable.... with an exception: SymbOS.

Symbos will load the same from the USB pen drive, but once loaded it doesn't manage it, only the usual SD or floppies. But this is not a fault of Geco's driver, it is only that the Enterprise SymbOS version still doesn't talks with the SF3 USB....

This was fixed on the CPC version long ago, so we are near to have it, but by now is only a matter of waiting for Prodatron to implement it.

Enjoy!    Feel free to ask your doubts.

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