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Hardware / Re: EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2014.January.24. 14:19:51 »
Yes, at first only one floppy working, or a: and b: the same image, but then I realised reading the HXC istructions that when using twisted cable from PC floppys a: and b: are selected in the two midle jumpers(J3)...

Now I have:

Hardware / Re: EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2014.January.24. 13:35:06 »
The picture. Observe the regulator replaced by a DE-SW050 ...

Hardware / Re: EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2014.January.24. 13:24:14 »
Exactly it.

Hardware / Re: EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2014.January.24. 13:13:26 »
You remember good, you made a 64K EPROM cartridge with Basic and your EXOS modified Rom, and MICROTEAM type EXDOS card with 128K EPROM(it has four more pins than the two 32k spare sockets). Also you populated all the RAM sockets and put a WD1772 controller in it.

Hardware / Re: EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2014.January.24. 13:01:12 »
Is faster to write it:

EXOS 2.31
LISP   0.6
VAR    1.5
WP 2.6
WP 2.1

Display / Re: Resistor values for SCART cable
« on: 2014.January.24. 12:52:01 »
Only to mention that in the http://enterprise.iko.hu/pinouts.htm  the pin A7 from the RGB EP Connector must go to pin 6(Left in) of the SCART connector.

In reality Pin 3 of SCART is Left out, not a big problem in a TV or monitor, as internally ins and outs are joined, but can malfuntion with SCART selectors or other equipments.

I've re-re-arranged my old cable with the 220 Ohm resistances and it looks perfect! Only the sound seems too low with some programs.(sometimes I hear more the internal speaker than the TV... yoke)

Hardware / colder replacement for LM7805
« on: 2014.January.24. 12:31:16 »
A few months ago, searching the Web, I found a switching power suply replacement for the hot 7805, the DE-SW050(Dimension Engenieering). It is only a little bigger than the  7805 IC and gives better characteristics whit the same pinout.

As a proof of concept I've installed it on a Spectrum, discarding the heatsink!, and it now works perfectly at ambient tempeature...

I've also replaced the regulator in my EXDOS card, now powering the HXC Floppy Emulator.

For now I will not change the internal regulator of my EP, as I fear for the keyboard membrane keyboard. (I already broke them  on the Spectrum and  had to put a new one)

On the other hand it cost each 15$ (+1.25$ shipping) but I think is a good investment in our loved machines to get them more cold....

This is the Web page of the company where they sell worldwide:


Hardware / Re: EXDOS with HxC Floppy Emulator works perfect !
« on: 2014.January.24. 11:45:02 »
Effusive regards if you have not readed this thread:  http://enterpriseforever.com/other-topics/hello-from-spain/

I've gotten a HxC Floppy Emulator and put it on top of the EXDOS controller you built me long ago(thanks!). Even I powered it from the expansion card, and it looks much better than with the necessary PSU.

I have tried all combinations,  works perfect with simulation of a: and real floppy en b:(PC), but as I don't have nor need phisic disks I opted by simulate the two readers.

The only problem is with your HXC prog., that put the floppy emulator in direct access mode but fills the screen with zeros and hangs.

I've followed strictly your directions(or limitations) but don't know why it happens.

The firmware version is V1.8.2.40. I received the emulator in January 2014.

Other topics / Hello from Spain
« on: 2014.January.24. 11:07:54 »
Hello again from Spain, Zozo, scipucsu and all.

I used very little my EP since the last time (2008!), I had no time, but especially a good monitor where put it to work. Now that any digital TV has unexploited its SCART connector, it was the right time....

Other reason is... I recently have also gifted me a floppy emulator and it had made me more easy and fast the loading of programs downloaded from this great website.

It's wonderful your efforts to collect data and relive a story written thirty years ago, even finding its protagonists.... Of course you are right: Enterprise Forever....

Other topics / Re: Let's create new Enterprise programs!
« on: 2010.February.20. 21:57:27 »
Hello szipucsu.

May I help you?

Seems very interesting. Precisely, now my daughter is studying this at the school!

I will run it now.


Other topics / Re: Enterprise in Spanish
« on: 2008.October.25. 00:33:32 »
I'm going to release the final versions of the Spanish roms.

I've using them with the simulator for about two months and I don't find any more own errors to fix.

Thanks to all for the sugestions, and specially to Zozo.


Hello again szipucsu.

Thanks for that tip. Works very well, and the page tranlator is invaluable.


Hello szipucsu.

Thanks for the confirmation. I would like more information, but there is no more a translator page from Magyar. Is dificult for me to understand something from your language as it is very diferent from Spanish or English.  I will wait spectantly llike everybody.

Hall of Fame / Re: "Hot" news from David Levy !
« on: 2008.July.06. 20:49:02 »
I have "bad understood" in the Magyar part of this forum that you have interviews to Nick Troop or other creators of our loved computer.

Can you, the Hungarian members, translate them to English?

They deserve their works to be better known.

Thanks to Jean Pierre and all.

Other topics / Re: Enterprise in Spanish
« on: 2008.June.28. 13:15:29 »

For Szipucsu:

Yes, is also valid, but the lack of space sometimes makes the sentence very criptic. then when I have room for more  I put more words to do it more expressive. I like my machine but I like more the response of a person.

For Endi:

That part is in the BASIC.ROM and then is untouched also by BRD.ROM and HUN:ROM. If you like to translate it, is easy, only dowload a free Hex editor and do it. There is not checksum but you must respect the spaces and lenght of the file. On some sentences there are byte count, but in others you can't put larger words than the space you have, and then you have to abreviate. You must then change the name of the file to diference it from the original.

I don't want a exaustive search of words to translate, and as I'm not a machine coder I only pretend to take advantage of the BRD.ROM and the HUN.ROM(Zozo) utilities in my language.

To Zozo:

Last nigth I've noted that when in BRD, HUN or ESP, the Editor by default is the old one WP 2.1 not the 2.6.

Then, in it, not all the text is tranlated, I think now that it is because is not text, but graphics, and then I'm sarching for them to complete the translation.(I will inform you)

Thanks for all, and your advices.


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