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Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.15. 21:23:24 »
Here I bring you a little video of what is actually happening with this development.

My friend Kyp has some restrictions on his actual FPGA, only 64KB of internal Ram, perfect for Video Ram, but he also needs to put the EXOS Roms there, because he has 4MB of external Ram but no way to put Roms on that space.

A member of the development group has donated Kyp a better FPGA, so on some days we will see more advances. Think that all this work is done on free time.


I am using the BRAM to share the memory with the CPU and still without timing contention but, just because I have the (EXOS)Rom on the BRAM, I only have 32K of ROM and 32K of VRAM, I have searched which two segments of VRAM the ROM uses to draw on the screen to be able to show some text(still only hardware text mode). And then it can't start... because it needs a pressed key and by now there is no keyboard at all.

Kyp says that the keyboard hardware seems trivial, but to continue he also needs to implement the interrupts.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.11. 20:29:49 »


"No solo se ve, está 'procesando' la LPT, leyéndola de la RAM. En esa imagen están las dos bandas del borde superior e inferior, 28 bandas en modo CH128 (cambiando el puntero a donde empieza el texto) y las dos bandas en modo VSYNC para el sincronismo vertical :grin: "


"It not only sees, it is 'processing' the LPT, reading it from Ram. In  this image there are the two bands, upper and lower, 28 bands in CH128 mode (modifying the pointer where starts the text) and the two bands on VSYNC mode for the vertical synchronism :grin: "

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.11. 15:13:44 »
Great! Thanks Zozo.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.11. 10:40:01 »
Thanks, Zozo. Now they are working more with the timings that these 2 documents describe.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.07. 12:22:24 »
Thanks ergoGnomik.

Yes, there are invaluable documents on Zozo's page. I hope that the geniuses on the project could translate all that little boxes on the design.

The sheets seem to be modified on some parts. If they are effectively the latests revisions E and D(the fixed NICK?), maybe they will lead to a good implementation of the chips.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.07. 11:29:17 »
Thanks dangerman.

These links are extracted from the official Nick and Dave documents that we are already managing. Do they have any fixing over the originals?

Yes, of course we want IstvanV advice and collaboration.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.05. 20:23:54 »
Do you think it? Not for me, and not just when I am writing about how he would enjoy knowing this project. I can't at the same time be insulting him.

Take it as an affectionate nickname, my admiration to a man on that privileged status, a man that has lived intensely and that has a knowledge.


But I want to explain the motivations I have when I come here to this web page that I consider my home.

I come here to lean from others, even the most humble user of the page can amaze me with some topic, from the Enterprise or not. I have found here people that have shared their knowledge without asking me how much I know, who I am or from where I come. I think I have acted  the same with others, with courtesy, humour and respect.

Only a short number of members here have the English language as their native language, so it is possible that a British speaker can found a lot of incorrections on the messages we share. That is the reason why we can't take all expressions as literals, because then we could start the Third World War in few seconds

Better let's take the words on the context, reading carefully, forgiving us for the mistakes that we sure make when expressing ourselves. It is only my desire.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.05. 15:31:09 »
I have thought-out.... if this project goes on.... It would be a great enjoyment for the old guy that designed the Nick chip to know about it. Maybe even participate, but this is an open project and involving him has to be considered by all.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.May.05. 14:27:05 »
Yes, but FPGA is not emulating, it is the real thing implemented inside a programmable chip. Nothing to do with R-Pi emulation.

All the discrete chips of the EP can easily be implemented, but are the ASIC chips, Nick and Dave what are a mystery inside. The designs we have are not the definitive versions.

Of course, IstvanV's great emulator will be invaluable in the task due to the perfection it has achieved. But at the end is the real machine what will be cloned.

All aid will be welcomed in this project, if you find the makers of the Hungarian project, please put them in contact.


VIDEO: / Re: Mozgó kép Enterprise -on...?
« on: 2020.May.04. 11:25:51 »
A 6. faktor verziója a legjobb. Nagyon jól hangzik az Enterprise-on.


Factor 6 version is the best. It sounds great on the Enterprise.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.April.23. 00:35:32 »
Great! You have made an excellent work extracting the text of that bad scanning, and the OCR to Spanish is correct.

It is a long article of 11 pages, but had an excessive number of adverts, more than half of it....

Thanks for flipping the Enterprise picture.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.April.21. 13:02:53 »
An Spanish  magazine(thanks Ron for the PDF), "Ordenador Popular" June 1985 Issue 26, with an extensive comparative of several 64KB microcomputers on pages 26-46.  

A full page advertisement of the EP64 on page 31.


The Enterprise picture in the comparative is flipped horizontally....

But there are some things on the advert that give tips of what they are advertising, EP64 or EP128?

The cartridge doesn't have the sticker, no mention of the total Ram is indicated except the "SYXTY FOUR" sticker, and the joystick cap is still green. Two mentions to capacities that only are possible on an EP128 on interlace mode: 50 lines x 84 columns, and the max resolution, 672x512 pixels.

Konvertálás / Re: Donkey Kong Junior (Videoton TVC)
« on: 2020.April.18. 11:53:25 »
I have not found the "Levis Zuritron" nor the "Tronica Dragon Fighter" emulated, sorry.

There is an emulator for a lot of them named Madrigal. It includes the games and the screens.

Konvertálás / Re: Donkey Kong Junior (Videoton TVC)
« on: 2020.April.17. 23:05:22 »
There are some of  them emulated on Mame, I can search the Roms. Then "someone" can convert them.

Konvertálás / Re: Donkey Kong Junior (Videoton TVC)
« on: 2020.April.17. 20:59:17 »
Because the game is based on one of the Game&Watch series of LCD electronic games from Nintendo.


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