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Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.26. 21:02:12 »
He has answered that he will fix it tomorrow.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.October.26. 20:58:57 »
Yes, Mist, Sidi, Mister, etc. The development is being done on a ZXUNO, with a smaller FPGA, and then converted to the other ones.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.26. 20:53:25 »
No, sorry.... the Score Track Rom manages its own file format. It was abandoned on an early development status. I think that MID files were planned, because the Rom manages somehow the .MID tag file, but it was not implemented....

You can use the files found on the ScoreTrack disk. Remember to have the DAVE.ENV file on the same place as the songs.

But wait.... Some has happened on the last update and the Synth mode can't be selected. I will ask Hans.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.26. 12:39:02 »

Actually valid Retroradio IPs seem to go from to and from to, both on middle and high quality, mid.mp3 and high,mp3.

When a stream IP shows no channel, it has the default one, 80, so these addresses should be like this:   

I have tried all the range on the SF3, but something has changed in the stream.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.25. 23:10:15 »
New version of the SymbOS Webradio app.

RetroRadio has changed the IP of its WebRadio stream and more things, and it is no more compatible with SF3. You can still listen it on your PC clicking this URL list:  

Due to this problem I have removed it from the list of stations on the program. Also Hit Radio OE3 has modified its stream and is no more accessible.

But I have added Danko Radio(Hungary) and Traxx FM(France) to the list.

The program is still unmodified... but Hans has some ideas for it. I also want to add some others.


Wanted / Re: EP with working 08-47 Nick
« on: 2020.October.25. 18:59:09 »
I didn't imagined they existed... I want to try it, thanks.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.25. 18:03:30 »
Yes, one of their more known and beautiful songs. Intense sound, transcendental words about love but asking what is behind these emotions:

Code: [Select]
Yo quise subir al cielo para ver
y bajar hasta el infierno para comprender
qué motivo es, qué nos impide ver
dentro de ti, dentro de ti, dentro de mí...

I wanted to go up to heaven to see
and go down to hell to understand
what reason is it, what prevents us from seeing
inside of you, inside of you, inside of me...

And then:

Code: [Select]
Abre la puerta niña que el día va a comenzar
se marchan todos los sueños, que pena da despertar.
Por la mañana amanece la vida y una ilusión
deseos que se retuercen muy dentro del corazón.
Soñaba que te quería, soñaba que era verdad
que los luceros tenían misterios para soñar.

Open the door girl, the day will begin
all dreams leave, what a shame to wake up.
In the morning life and an illusion dawns
desires that twist deep within the heart.
I dreamed that I loved you, I dreamed that it was true
that the stars had mysteries to dream about.

The song tries to explain the end of love comparing it to when you slowly awake and have the sense that you have lost something very important on your dream. You try to remember... but you only can feel the strange and intense sensation slowly fading while the harshness of the real world invades your whole being....

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.25. 15:04:40 »
Yes, the gazpacho(the word almost sounds Magyar....) is a drink made with shacked fresh vegetables including garlic, olive oil, vinegar and other ingredients, varying from every Spanish zone. Almost a drinkable salad, very refreshing and nutritive on hot summer if maintained on the fridge.

Uff!, the Gazpacho group was from the early 70s, mixing pop, gypsy sound and rumba. I like more the Triana group, the evolution some years later, progressive/symphonic rock mixed with flamenco Andalusian sounds. One example:, click on the image:

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.October.25. 00:21:03 »
I don't know if we have or not this web article about the Enterprise, but  the bibliography that includes can serve to search even more magazines where the Enterprise or its creators are mentioned, some sources with included link:

Code: [Select]
"Chess wizard behind new micro", Popular Computing Weekly, 11th August 1983, p. 1
"Who's king?", Personal Computer World, September 1980, p. 123
"The machine that plays with itself", Personal Computer World, September 1980, p. 42
"Chess Champion V can beat the best", Practical Computing, January 1982, p. 47
"The designer's tale", Practical Computing, January 1983, p. 29
"Intelligent Software", Personal Computer World, April 1983, p. 196
"Prizy money up for grabs", Popular Computing Weekly, 26th April 1984, p. 5
"Chess machines give tough opposition", Popular Computing Weekly, 30th April 1982, p. 5
Experts confounded as machine out-thinks gradnmaster Nunn", Your Computer, March 1982, p. 12
"Enterprising Elan", Popular Computing Weekly, 22nd September 1983, p. 5
"Editorial page", Personal Computer World, Vol. 1 No. 2 April 1978, p. 3
"The Elan Story", Meirion Jones, Your Computer, January 1984, p. 78-85
"An enterprising move from Elan", Popular Computing Weekly, 22nd September 1983, p. 1
"ZX80s on the brain", Practical Computing, March 1982, p. 149
"Heavy Metal Mickeys", Practical Computing, May 1982, p. 161
"Chess wizard", Popular Computing Weekly, 11th August 1983, p. 5
"An enterprising move", Popular Computing Weekly, 20th October 1983, p. 13
Samurai advert, Personal Computer World, April 1983, p. 249
"New name for Flan", Popular Computing Weekly, 22nd March 1984, p. 5
"Egg on faces as Elan turns in to Flan", Personal Computer News, February 25th 1984, p. 3
"Egg on the face for Flan", Popular Computing Weekly, 23rd February 1984, p. 5
"Late start", Personal Computer World, March 1984, p. 18
"Fourth name for Flan", Popular Computing Weekly, 8th March 1984, p. 5
"Spring-loaded Elan", Personal Computer News, September 22 1983, p. 7
"An enterprising move", Popular Computing Weekly, 20th October 1983, p. 13
"Enterprise", Popular Computing Weekly, 13th December 1984, p. 5
"New name for Flan", Popular Computing Weekly, 22nd March 1984, p. 5
"Enterprise moves in - and out - of shops", Personal Computer News, January 12th 1985, p. 4
"Enterprise arrives", Popular Computing Weekly, 13th December 1984, p. 1,5
"A View to a Kill", Commodore Computing International, July 1985, p. 46-47
"Enterprise go for century", Personal Computer News, April 20th 1985, p.2
"Monitor - In brief", Personal Computer News, March 30th 1985, p. 2
"Atari 520 not out, CPC 128 declared", Your Computer, July 1985, p. 13
"Enterprise 128 vies with QL", Popular Computing Weekly, 23rd May 1985, p. 4
"Extra cost", Popular Computing Weekly, 6th June 1985, p. 17
"Commodore 128 Review", Your Computer, June 1985, p. 49
"Amstrad's 6128 battering ram", Your Computer, September 1985, p.43
"128 Gunfight at the UK corral", Your Computer, September 1985, p. 15
"Personal Computer World show news", Popular Computing Weekly, 12th September 1985, p. 10
"High Street problems for Enterprise", Popular Computing Weekly, 26th December 1985, p. 4
"Hardware pro-test: Enterprise", Personal Computer News, January 12 1985, p. 27
"Interesting points", Steve Groves, Letters, Popular Computing Weekly, 14th February 1985, p. 6
"Enterprise's plan revealed", Popular Computing Weekly, 17th July 1986, p. 5
"Enterprise is back", Popular Computing Weekly, 31st July 1987, p. 11
"Madge wins the IBM game", Newsprint, Personal Computer World, June 1988, p. 94

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.24. 19:49:48 »
Hardly.... because I don't drink beer or coffee.... Ok, a Coke can will be accepted, with all the  hard drug inside(sugar and caffeine).

Hans, you spoil me, granting me all my whims. Thanks you also, Tutus and Geco.

Programming / Re: Sell ​​Exos 2.4?
« on: 2020.October.24. 16:09:19 »
And this is the result of being so strict with other's free work, people get discouraged of computing, persons that have given so much to the Enterprise scene probably will never return.

Of course..... I will continue entering here, asking, answering, collaborating. I am here to make friends, those who like to be friendly.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.24. 13:24:38 »
Yes, I feel the same, some impotence... The SF3 is a great card but its use is limited on SymbOS. But not on IS BASIC!

Just run the Basic program attached and start to play introducing web station IPs on it.

I said you some time ago that we must aid ourselves, if a net driver or USB driver is needed is very easy to sit and wait some other guy make it for you..... I am not accusing anybody with this.

For example, the Basic programs you download have been translated by me from CPC, and also I have transcript some to/or MSX or PCW. This is amazing for me, a complete null programming... Or these IPs from Web stations... they took me to search the information on the HTTP code of some web pages around 4 hours.

As I have said on other thread of this web, I don't want any appreciation for my efforts, because I have enjoyed doing that.

I think that this whole thing of the "computing" has the main incentive on learning every minute new knowledge, in a search of awareness of the way  our mind, and the machine as a replica, works.

And every one can found his place on the Enterprise scene, you know it very well.

This is a hobby, we waste our spare time doing this while having a family work, life, etc. We are not like consumers that demand new software and hardware because we pay for it..... All stuff released here is donated, but on due time....

Please, all SF3 users..... move.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.24. 11:31:12 »
This one should also work, but sometimes has stuttering sound here in Spain:

Code: [Select]£1         Mas Radio Szekelyudvarhely             

 £=#(English/German keyboard)

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.24. 05:59:19 »
One of the web-stations I put on the SymbOS Webradio app has ceased to broadcast, and forces a hang when selected. It is the Hungarian one, the first on the list. Avoid to click on it.

Hans(and I) plans to enhance the program with a text file where to put the preferred stations, not hard coded like the actual version.

While this happens I offer some enjoyment to the Hungarian SF3 users: A little list of working Magyar stations that you can hear with a basic program.

It is the same Basic listing that is stored on the SF3 Drive, but I have added some details to make it easier to search for working stations. If the program founds a recoverable error, it runs again itself resetting to one working web-station. Pressing ESC the program will let you to enter other IP.

Code: [Select]
            IP                             Station name
--------------------------------------------------------------------                 AlienWare                  KORONAfm100              Lakihegy Rádió Online               Danko Radio;                     Taska Radio                 I don't remember....

Also, I can search the web-stations name you like, but not always they work on the SF3, the protocols are often encrypted.

Programming / Re: Sell ​​Exos 2.4?
« on: 2020.October.23. 21:45:37 »
And Zozo will probably agree.

Please, don't make a world of the case. I my opinion Wolfgang has not been aware of making nothing bad. Better wait for Zozo, if he wants to say something contrary.

I myself have humbly contributed in translating some Roms and developed(more or less..) the mouse driver. What I have made is for free, because I was enjoying it while in the making.

There is only one thing unacceptable for  a creator.... the claim of the authorship by another person.... And that has not happened.

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