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Programming / Re: Changing the EXOS font
« on: 2020.November.22. 01:33:57 »
There is one variation of the Spanish Rom, the ESB.Rom, made for the German keyboard, that you can also find on the emulator installation. On it, the English/USA layout on the Rom  has been replaced by an "European" QWERTY  layout with all the same "English" characters but in its corrected "German" position. And the Spanish keyboard in the Rom is also a QWERTY one with the "European" layout, so you always find the punctuation symbols.

The language Rom adds a lot of flexibility adapting the Enterprise to a language/country, with the dual messages and keyboards. But is also a great example of the expandability of the Enterprise, how a new driver can substitute the stock driver and the machine works the same.

Programming / Re: Changing the EXOS font
« on: 2020.November.21. 20:40:16 »
Great initiative!

But... the character font goes on the keyboard driver, and the BRD.Rom and derivatives install modified Keyboard and Editor drivers, that come with an English(USA) and localised copies of the font... fortunately not packed.

It is very easy to found the two fonts in the Rom if you know what to search for.

On the other way, your technique can serve for the fixing of a German keyboard Enterprise without the need of the language Rom, because it is annoying to search punctuation on the wrong keyboard.... But also the position of the keys need to be changed, and that information is near the font.

Zozo plans to fix it on the next EXOS reincarnation but then the list of different EXOS roms will grow. The Spanish keyboard is similar to the German one, so I am wiling to have one German EP to try that.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános / Discussion
« on: 2020.November.19. 20:38:22 »
Don't blame Google for its translation, it learns very fast...

I understand only a few Magyar words... but to ensure that the translation is close to what I want to express, I make a double translation, first English to Hungarian, and then from Hungarian to English. Some information is lost often, so it is a mater of changing something in the text until it says something intelligible....

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános / Discussion
« on: 2020.November.19. 16:20:49 »
A C5484 csodálatos kalandjai, játszani (és elérni), hogy teremtő isten legyél ...


Amazing adventures of C5484, playing(and achieving) to be a creating god...

Wanted / Re: EP128 power supply
« on: 2020.November.14. 16:37:13 »
i do not have, but if i remember well it was mentioned on the forum, speccy psu is good, just the polarity should be changed.

¡NO, please! Spectrum PSUs have the same polarity, Ground at the centre and +9V at the outside ring.

The UK Enterprise came with a 2Amp PSU, and the German one with an 1,3A, as can be seen on this picture:

The gummy Spectrum had a 1A PSU, probably insufficient, but the Spectrum+ and following reincarnations had a better suited PSU that can serve perfectly for an EP.

Writing English is very different from speaking it...

Edit. You see? I usually must edit my commentaries after releasing them, because I put a lot of errors on them.

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.November.11. 12:19:21 »
The tests Roms surfaced on Werner's inventory, and also there was an Hungarian bootleg Rom made from the original tests.

This other commentary is about the machine used for tests at the factory.

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.November.11. 10:32:38 »
I have not thought about it until recently: it is a pain to wait for the memory check on a stock Enterprise with lot of memory.

So this is the question: is there a way to skip the EXOS memory check with a SF3 connected?

Fortunately, yes. The solution comes from Zozo, of course, and his Fast memory check, that we can inject on segment 04(Cartridge memory are the 04-07 segment range) and will test the memory on a fraction of the time. It also brings us some other functions, like advanced tests, type and frequency of the Z80, and the enhanced WP2.6 text editor.

To install it we must left unplugged the Basic cartridge, and add the following lines to the SF3_EP.INI file:

Code: [Select]

Then download and place the following Roms on the SD:EP/ directory of your SF3 SD card.

Remember to not plug the cartridge on its bay while you have Roms injected with the SF3 on the cartridge addressing range, or it will cause a hang.


Now, a little technical explanation about why Zozo's Fast memory check intercepts the original memory test:

One of the very first things that the EXOS Rom does when the Enterprise boots is to check if there is an special Rom on the 04 segment. Usually the first characters on a Rom header, for example on the Basic Rom, are "EXOS_ROM", but if that special Rom has the string "TEST_ROM",  the boot process is halted and the control is passed to the program in the Test Rom.

This probably was useful on software/hardware development or on quality control after manufacturing the computer.

What Zozo's FastMemoryTest does is to perform its own test and then return the control to the EXOS Rom, but just on the point after the stock memory check is already done.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2020.November.08. 21:58:33 »
Ah.... yes... It was an idea of Ron, another Spanish member of EnterpriseForever and founder of RetroWiki, to do a 2018 magazine with an 80s look...

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános
« on: 2020.November.03. 18:35:34 »
Olyan csodálatos, hogy ezt a folyamatot meg lehet valósítani, hogy egy kicsit több vagy kevesebb fényerő nem az, ami igazán fontos számomra.


It is so miraculous that this process can be done, that a little more or less luminosity is not what really matters to me.

Hardware / Re: Latest EXOS?
« on: 2020.November.01. 16:42:49 »
Please, download the emulator from here and install it on your computer. It will ask you to download the complete set of updated Roms.

Then, you will find the Roms on the ep128emu2/Roms directory.

Műanyag alkatrészek gyártása / Re: Általános
« on: 2020.October.31. 17:50:35 »
3 darab érdekelne.

Kérem, számítson rám minden csodálatos replikájához.


I would be interested in 3 pieces.

Please count on me for all your wonderful replicas.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.27. 10:41:54 »
About ScoreTrack and the Midi Sinth option on SF3, Hans has found the error and fixed it.

To those who want to try the ScoreTrack Rom and don't want to wait for the next DFu release, you can update with a beta DFU.

Remember, inject the Rom on some place, load the songs and ENV file on a directory or floppy, :CD to it, and then execute:


Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.October.27. 08:03:42 »
At the request of Tutus, I have swaped the boring station, Danco Radio, for a very good station called Civil Radio, also Hungarian.

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