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Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: Yesterday at 22:22 »
Great. Have you looked at LGB's Z80 ports list?

Since the time he created the list, other hardware have taken position, for example, SF3 uses 20-2F and 40-4F ranges(incompatible with the Spectrum Hardware emulator).

I see you use F8h and B8h as communication ports. Good selection, single unused ports, but you must re-assure that these are not mirrors ports of other nearer ports, from the RTC card or Dave.

Usually, a wealthy EP returns 255 from an unused port(for example "PRINT IN(XX)"  ), but I don't know how to test a port on Output.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: Yesterday at 09:14 »
Something like those could also be done on the Enterprise, but you would really want to integrate it into EXDOS, and it would be a lot of work that I am afraid might never be done, especially since you would have to be careful not to break the existing versions of EXDOS that people use for floppy discs and the SD Card adapter.

Don't worry about breaking EXDOS... it stands for EXpandable Disk Operative System. In fact, the SDEXT.Rom is a driver extension to integrate the SD on the system, and there is even an IDE driver, also written by Zozo.

But there are other imaginative ways to add file management to the Enterprise, for example the FILE I/O driver that IstvanV uses on the emulator to manage a PC directory, and the "tunnel" like driver used by Geco on the SF3. They work even on a Tape only Enterprise(without EXDOS), managing the default device of EXOS. I name them tunnel drivers because they are able to manage the unknown format on the PC drive or a FAT32 formatted pen-drive, transparently to the user.

A file transfer manager will be an excellent start for your USB port, but please, leave the hardware well documented just in case...

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.04. 20:22:51 »
I have seen similar solutions, the best one is the ZX Spectrum Interface 1 Bis, a modern approach to the Microdrives... as partitions on a micro-SD.

It also has a micro-USB port that you can connect to a PC, where a daemon app interacts with the Interface.

The interface connected to the Spectrum has a modified Rom with a special driver to manage a directory on the PC so, from the user point of view, a very big storage unit can be managed at high speed. Along storage, there are also other valuable options, like a virtual printer and Internet connection through the PC.

If I remember well, the linked page has some sources of the files used.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.03. 14:25:41 »
Great idea! I wait expectantly.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2021.March.01. 16:48:27 »
I have published two new short videos about the SF3 development. This time is again about Midi, but with a difference. Scoretrack, the program inside the Rom of the never released Enterprise MIDI cartridge interface, was able to play some already made songs(MIDI OUT), but has limited use because its editor is broken, and we don't have an external song converter for it.

Then I thought about some software from CPC or MSX, but first their standard MIDI interfaces have to be emulated by the SF3.

Starting from the CPC scene, there are some MIDI interfaces, but only one is totally documented and with software: EMR Miditrack Performer, with the same UART chip used than the Enterprise MIDI interface attempt.

Some weeks ago Hans managed to emulate the EMR CPC interface on the SF3, so I asked Hans the same on the Enterprise SF3. Then I passed the EMR Miditrack Performer software to Geco, that has managed to convert it at least to work on his own CPCemu. This is what you will see on the videos, Hans&Geco's magic.

The program is slightly faster on the Enterprise, about a 13%, so I have modified the beats per second on it to test it at the side of the CPC...

Don't expect a complete sequencer/player on it..... only weights 8KB, but what it intents to do is correctly done. It works like a cassette player recorder, but for Midi streams instead of sounds. But it can record 8 different tracks, and also mix incoming midi with the data in memory, so it can give a lot of entertainment.

On the other side... again its files aren't standard Midi files, you can't play here your collection of Midi songs. But.... you can record them instead, and then save the songs as EMR files. I have already made the test and it saves  the incoming song.



I hope that Geco's next step with the software would be a real conversion.

Illesztések / Re: SD-kártya interface cartridge-ben
« on: 2021.February.26. 20:36:42 »
6Mhz helyett keressen 10Mhz-t. Ha feloldja a Z80-at a NYÁK-ról, az a fél munka, hogy túlhúzza az EP-t.


Instead of a 6Mhz look for a 10Mhz. Un-soldering the Z80 from the PCB is half the work to make an overclock on your EP....

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2021.February.23. 21:26:53 »
Yes, it needs to connect to the rear of the SF3, sorry....

Hans has designed it to sit on one of the slots on the Bus expander(CPC or EP), but it only draws +5v and ground from the slot. I think it can work even with 3X1,5v cells or with an external +5v power supply. It is a good idea to put it on a box near the SF3 adapter.

Fist I will try the PCB on a little batch of 5 interfaces, if it is error free, Hans will release the gerbers(the PCB design to order from China).  

We think it is the best solution, because it is easy to build and the parts can be found on every country. We all will save on shipping.

Maybe Zozo wants to produce the Midi interface for  Hungarian users. I will make it for the Spanish and near countries users and Hans for the rest.

Of course, other solutions will be welcomed.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2021.February.18. 20:23:31 »

Thanks for being so kindly sharing your work.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2021.February.15. 11:42:00 »
I have promoted the last beta update to official, because it fixed one elusive error on Tutus' SF3 after some months of tests and shipping from Hungary to The Netherlands and then return to Zozo's place.

As always, you can find the link to download it on the TMTLogic web page, Support.

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.13. 22:33:09 »
64 columns give us a clue of the original computer to which these versions were tailored.

I have searched and I have found the TRS-80 and the Exidy Sorcerer.

But I also found this assertion:"The original video displays for S-100 machines were normally 64x24 or 25. Practically every machine used this mode. 80-columns did not appear until well after CP/M was widely used."

Of course, on that web page there is somebody denying it.

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.13. 11:05:56 »
I always thought that using the pound symbol was a nice characteristic of the computer. As nice as the channel concept, that I discovered by first time on the EP.

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.13. 10:24:14 »
Thinking about what you(a British man) is proposing us about abandoning the £ could sound weird on other context...

I am accustomed to use the pound symbol to manage channels on the EP, and \ on directories, instead the Ñ, that I set on the ESP.ROM.

I can live with my contradictions....

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.12. 23:20:36 »
May be first defining the characters with a Basic program and then entering IS-DOS.

Programming / Re: Improving IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.12. 21:29:32 »
I think, from my characteristic ignorance..., It is good to gain enhanced execution compatibility and fixed errors on Is-DOS, but why not better put the rest of the effort on making good batch processing commands on EXDOS?. I mean, conditional commands to tailor the boot process like we really want.

And about the mentioned TSR or RSX commands, EXOS has system extensions to do similar things, and they work even inside IS-DOS. System vars are also supported on the EXDOS batch processing, but with limited use.

Játékok / Re: Találd ki a kép alapján a játék nevét
« on: 2021.February.11. 17:20:21 »
Yes, very easy...

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