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Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2023.March.16. 08:02:44 »
Just waiting for the RSF3 prototype. It will arrive tomorrow.

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2023.February.28. 09:06:04 »
I use longer Pendrive with SF3, :D i did not have any problem.

CPC-ről / Re: Hydrofool
« on: 2023.February.20. 15:26:53 »
The Small-Demo coders stole the song from it...
Yes, i recognized it also :D

CPC-ről / Re: Hydrofool
« on: 2023.February.20. 11:11:09 »
It was easier to find the problem than recreate the files, i do not know what István used for packing, by loader size it seemed DTF with -m0, but -m0 was not supported for loader by those versions what i tried, i used DTF -m2 to pack it back.
The zip file contains everything for the next modification. I had to patch only one byte to fix the space issue :D
Please test it.

Programming / Re: 8-bit machines Basic performance
« on: 2023.February.07. 22:54:58 »
PRINT is slower on the EP because it goes through the editor: device and then the video: device.  Zozo's PRINT #102 bypasses the editor: and goes directly to video:. Everything on TVC is simpler - there is just less code to execute!
I thought similar also, i thought that EP's channel handling slows down the print, but thank you very much for the clarification. :)
What is interesting, TVC has to print the characters on graphics screen, and EP to char screen, and TVC becomes slower only when scroll is coming, but EP's editor is great, i did not see soooo good editor on any other machine :)

Programming / Re: 8-bit machines Basic performance
« on: 2023.February.07. 09:10:58 »
IS-BASIC also "cheats" if both numbers in an operation are 16 bit integers. FOR I=1 TO 1000 STEP 0.1 is slower than FOR I=1 TO 10000 STEP 1. But the overhead of checking for everything being 16 bit integers, converting integers to floating point when they are not, and deaing with 16 bit result overflow, means it is still not as fast as you would like :oops: (and I can't remember if TVC has this!)
Regarding TVC, Zozo's test was running much faster on TVC until the screen should not be scrolled, did you perform optimalization in TVC Basic in calculation, or the reason is simpler OS, and can reach routines faster on TVC?

Programming / Re: 8-bit machines Basic performance
« on: 2023.February.06. 21:37:11 »
...which also affects (slows down) the compiled versions...
Compiled version does not slow down (if you mean ZZZIP compiler) it works only with integers and if i remember well from -32768 to 32767.

Programming / Re: 8-bit machines Basic performance
« on: 2023.February.06. 11:43:03 »
I tested Herbert's example on Videoton TVC also, it finished under 47 seconds. :D

Programming / Re: 8-bit machines Basic performance
« on: 2023.February.06. 11:35:11 »
For the answer try this test on various computers:
10 FOR I=1 TO 10 STEP 0.1
I have tested it with a small modification which accepts all computers:
10 FOR I=1 TO 10 STEP 0.1
30 IF I=1.3 THEN GOTO 50
50 REM
Code: [Select]
Amstrad CPC    counts until 10
Commodore +4   counts until 10
Commodore 128  counts until 10
Commodore 64   counts until 10
Enterprise     counts until 1.3 ok
Videoton TVC   counts until 1.3 ok
ZX Spectrum    counts until 10

Programming / Re: 8-bit machines Basic performance
« on: 2023.February.06. 08:41:55 »
It finishes at 31 seconds. 5 seconds slower than a real or emulated CPC.

Seems to me that the CPC emulation on the EP is not as fast as a real or emulated CPC. Still much faster than either exdos basic or altair basic.
CPC emulation on the EP is only a modified CPC ROM, and some modifcation can cause little slowdown, ex if the CPC ROM is placed into video RAM, and AY emulation routine can cause slowdown also, as i remember it is called in each 300Hz interrutp.

Still wondering why the basic interpreters are relatively slow on an Enterprise. I did some more testing with the compiled version on both the EP and the CPC, and while the EP takes ~1.86 seconds (including disk access), the CPC version finishes about 2.6 times faster (~0.7sec).
This basic testing is not the best measurement of capabilities of a computer, because it tells mainly that how fast the basic itself, IS-Basic handles differently the numbers (if i know well) than other Basics, it uses in BCD format, number handling is slower in IS-Basic, and it is much more complex than others.

With disc accessing included the EP takes ~4.87 seconds, and the cpc ~1.9 seconds. Disc accessing seems slower as well on the EP, but I can't be sure without physical machines.

Obviously different compilers, and can't be directly compared - but still. The CPC hardware architecture might be more efficient? Not sure.
Floppy Disk i/o is much faster on Enterprise than on CPC. Normally most of the things can be solved faster on EP than on CPC, because the CPC uses 16 bit I/O ports, Enterprise uses 8 bit I/O ports, and accessing 8 bit I/O ports needs less cpu time, and there is one thing which needs too much instruction on CPC, accessing the keyboard, and AY, 1st you need to program the 8255 PPI to be able to access them, then you can address the needed AY port, and at the end PPI should be instructed again.

Programming / Re: Enterprise assembly programming resources
« on: 2023.February.05. 13:43:07 »
Thank you @geco. I'll do that way, however, I prefer to try to study the basics before making noise unnecessarily.
You are welcome, creating LPT seems to bit complicated for 1st glance, but it is not, and LPT gives a lot of opportunity.

Programming / Re: Enterprise assembly programming resources
« on: 2023.February.05. 13:41:53 »
Where can I find those cables?
Write to Judge :D , he produces Monitor cables of good quality, and jostick adapters also up to 6 joy capable joystick adapters.

Programming / Re: Enterprise assembly programming resources
« on: 2023.February.05. 10:34:13 »
Or if you have question regarding programming on EP, you can ask in the forum also :)

« on: 2023.January.30. 23:27:51 »
haaat a legegyszerubb az LPT-s megoldas, bar nagyon sok fazis kell hozza, de hogy ne kelljen ketfajta loadert irni, en csak ezt tudom elkepzelni, kb mint az antiriadban, csak meg tobb fazissal.
16 kb-ba a leheto legrovidebb LPT-vel kb 128 frame belefer, a mozgas is egyszeruen megoldhato, vizszintesen minimum 4 pixellel, fuggolegesen akar 1-gyel.

« on: 2023.January.30. 16:26:39 »
Ha a 0-ás csatorna foglalt ...
Elméletileg át lehet tenni a megszakítás vezérlését az 1-es csatornára is.

A legközelebbi eredeti EP-s programot ilyen zenélgetve töltögetősre kellene majd megcsinálni, illetve ezentúl az összes programot, ami elkészül EP-ra. :D
Az a terv :D

Ha lehet animáció is töltés közben, akkor türelmetlenül toporgó ember kellene, akinek majd felrobban a feje a türelmetlenkedéstől, hogy mikor töltődik már be a játék. Vagy még kazettában forgó szalag is jó lehet.
Lehet, túl nagy animációra azért nem kell számítani, de szerintem ahhoz hasonló dolgokat, amiket említettél LPT-vel is meg lehet oldani, meg talán a töltés közben a programmal.

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