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Maintenance / Re: Enterprise 64 Video issue
« on: 2022.September.22. 21:41:56 »
Checked all the pinouts on the scart end. added some grounds next to red/green/blue etc. just to be sure. still no better. I can get a non-moving screen, but its still got the bend on the image.

Tried scart direct again to several screens some older than others. Saw something of an image one time but it was wobbly again.

Maintenance / Re: Enterprise 64 Video issue
« on: 2022.September.22. 18:04:10 »
It does. 100ohm on the mains lines and I forget the other but yes. I took the cable apart and checked that.

Maintenance / Enterprise 64 Video issue
« on: 2022.September.22. 17:02:14 »
Hi All,

New member, pointed here from a facebook group.

I have an enterprise 64. It initially had really shaky video via the monitor port and a scart cable from Retrocables. I was advised to adjust the L2 variable inductor which slowed the shaky to a very slow wobble (sometimes I can get it static) but there's still an odd bend to the image (see attached). I've reacapped the board and checked and have 10.3v input to the regulators and 5.03v output (measuring elsewhere on the board I see around 4.95V).  Any suggestions as to what the issue might be? the image on RF was straight and looked pretty good for RF.

I have the scart fed into a scart to HDMI which is confirmed good. when I plug scart direct to several TVs it fails to lock and produce an image.

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